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5 Things About the Russell Madness Blu-ray

Russell Madness Blu-ray

My boys and I watched Russell Madness recently. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment sent me the Blu-ray for review on my dad blog. The movie is about a dog that can wrestle. The film is light and entertaining. My six-year old son thought the movie was cute and funny, but my 11-year old boy laughed his head off. He likes sophomoric comedy. Russell Madness (giveaway) is available now on Blu-ray and DVD. Continue reading to learn five things about the film.

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Holiday Gift Idea: WWE Championship Brawlin' Buddy and Rumblers Rampage Transforming Tour Bus

Mattel WWE Championship Brawlin' Buddies and Rumblers Rampage Transforming Tour Bus

Mattel sent me a couple of products from their new WWE toy line for review on my dad blog. The two toys Mattel sent me for review are the WWE Rumblers Transforming Tour Bus Playset and a WWE Championship Brawlin’ Buddy. My kids and I are not into wrestling. In fact, I don’t think my children have even seen a wrestling match. But that doesn’t stop them from having fun with Mattel’s new WWE toys. And if you’re already thinking about Christmas, you might consider getting these toys for your boys. If they are like my sons, they’ll love playing with the new WWE toys.

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Review: Mattel’s The Rock Defining Moments Action Figure

Mattel sent my son a new toy a couple of days ago. It’s The Rock WWE action figure. My son and I have seen Dwayne Johnson in several movies, but we have never seen him wrestle. As I have mentioned many times on my dad blog, my son is into superheroes, not wrestling. Yet for a reason I don’t understand, my seven year old likes his wrestling action figures. I can even hear him engaging in pretend wrestling matches in his room sometimes. Even though my son has not seen any WWE events, he actually knows the names of some the wrestlers. Apparently this is something he learned from some of his school buddies.

My son with The Rock action figure from Mattel

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Mattel WWE Action Figures – Holiday Gift Idea

Mattel recently sent my son a couple of WWE action figures (Fist Poundin’ Undertaker and Big Talkin’ CM Punk). I’m not into wrestling (Kelly Kelly, please don’t hate me…or K2 me). It’s actually my mom’s fault. When I was a kid, my cousins lived with us. And one of my cousins loved professional wrestling. She loved the action so much that she would scream loudly when she watched, which drove my mom crazy. My mom warned my cousin several times to stop screaming, but my cousin couldn’t help it. Eventually my mom couldn’t take the screaming anymore so she refused to let any of us watch wrestling.

The Ninja Assassin will take on the winner of the Undertaker and CM Punk match
Mattel WWE wrestling action figures

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