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H1N1 Vaccines for Prison Inmates, Wall Street Workers, and Santas – But Not Kids

Maybe because I’m a dad, I see things differently than most people. But I truly think our world is upside down. For instance, our HMO didn’t get their first shipment of H1N1 vaccines until the week after our baby was hospitalized for H1N1. If the vaccines came in a couple weeks earlier, our baby wouldn’t have been infected and I wouldn’t be stuck with three medical bills totaling over $18,000.

Now that the H1N1 vaccine is finally available at our HMO, the powers to be changed the high priority list. The list use to include people between 6 months and 24 years old. Now it’s children 6 to 59 months old. Our two oldest kids (ages six and nine) can’t get vaccinated unless they have medical conditions that increase their risk for influenza complications.

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Oh Frak, Baby Has H1N1

The good news is Little Disney came home about two hours ago. The bad news is he tested positive for H1N1 (just the kind of news dads and moms want to hear). After he recovers, we have to take him back for additional tests (MRI, EEG, etc). Apparently, seizures for six hours is about five hours, fifty-nine minutes too long for an infant. At least his CAT scan turned out OK and he can move both sides of his body now.

BTW, the doctors think baby’s seizures were caused by his fever (103 degrees) and not as a direct result of the H1N1 virus. It appears our baby’s body does not tolerate heat very well. So now we have to be prepared for the possibility of more seizures whenever he has a fever (another thing for dad and mom to worry about). The doctor even prescribed anti-seizure medication. The drug is administered rectally, but at a cost of $750 for a twin kit, I feel like I’m actually the one getting reamed.

I’ll blog more about our fun later (including the really bad advice we got from our HMO). Now I have to write a post about a contest that started last night. I’m a little behind. I wonder why.

baby home from the hospital