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Popples Review and Giveaway

My kids with swag from Popples and Round Table Pizza

Netflix has another new series. It’s called Popples. I have not seen the series yet, but I’m sure my kids will want to add Popples to their Netflix list. If the characters in the animated show are anything like the plushie toys we received, I’m positive my kids will love the new Netflix show. Thanks to Popples, I’m giving away a prize pack on my dad blog. The prize pack consists of a Round Table Pizza gift card and some Popples goodies. The Popples plush toys will be available on Walmart.com in mid-November and will be available in stores in December. BTW, Popples is streaming now on Netflix.

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Review and Giveaway: Mattel Disney Planes Dusty Crophopper Radio Control Plane

Mattel Disney Planes Wing Control Dusty Crophopper Radio Control Plane

My kids and I saw Disney’s Planes last month. We loved it. That’s one of the reasons why we’re so happy about the new Mattel’s Disney Planes Wing Control Dusty Crophopper Radio Control Plane. Because I’m a member of the Mattel Disney Insider program, they sent me the toy for review and giveaway on my dad blog. Awesome, right?

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Holiday Gift Idea: an awesome Hess toy truck

Hess helicopter and rescue truck

Hess [Facebook | Twitter] sent me their new 2012 toy truck for review on my dad blog. This year’s model is actually a helicopter and rescue vehicle. My kids and I think the toy is totally awesome. It will make an excellent gift for a child and even for parents who like to collect Hess toy trucks. The high quality truck is available now for $26.99. And for the first time in Hess’ 48-year history, dads and moms can order the truck online. Previously, you could only purchase the toy at Hess retail stores in the East coast. Now the rest of the nation can enjoy Hess toy trucks.

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Review and Giveaway: Chuggington Koko's Safari Set

Tomy Koko's Safari Train Set

Look what Chuggington sent me for review on my dad blog. It’s the new Koko’s Safari Set from Tomy. My son loves it. To be honest, my seven year old daughter and nine year old son also love the new wooden train set. Thanks to Chuggington and Tomy, I’m giving away the new Chuggington toy train set on my blog. The Chuggington Koko’s Safari Set retails for $99.99 and is available exclusively at Toys R Us.

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Review: Fijit Friends Yippits – it's a cute pet toy

My toddler with a Mattel Fijit Friends Yippits

Check out the new toy Mattel sent me to review on my dad blog. It’s a Fijit Friends Yippits. The toy is an extension of Mattel’s popular Fijit Friends line. A Yippits is essentially a dancing toy pet. There are four versions (Patter, Scooch, Plooki and Skippa). The one I got is called Plooki. It’s purple and acts like a puppy. The toy is intended for girls ages six and up. But my toddler also loves the toy even though he’s a boy and is only three years old. Fijit Friends Yippits are available now with a list price of $39.99. However, you can currently purchase it for $34.97 on Amazon.

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Review and Giveaway: B kids Ducky Spout Bathtub Toy

B kids Ducky Spout bathtub toy

B kids sent me a Ducky Spout bathtub toy to review on my dad blog. I’m a little too old for a bath toy, so I gave it to my little toddler to play with it. He loves it. The dedee duck toy is cute and entertains my three-year old son during bath time. The B kids Ducky Spout bathtub toy is currently available on Amazon for $23.99. And thanks to B kids, you can try to win the ducky bath toy on my blog.

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Review: 2012 Hess Miniature Toy Truck

my son with the 2012 Hess Miniature Toy Truck

The new Hess Miniature Toy Truck has arrived! They went on sale yesterday, which was also the day I got a Mini to review on my dad blog. This is one of the benefits of having two sons — I get to play with cool toys. The Mini is a smaller version of the Hess Holiday Toy Trucks. This year, the Mini is an 18-wheeler flatbed tractor trailer with an airplane. It’s pretty neat and my sons love it. Actually, my two girls like the Hess Mini too.

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Beer Stein Gift Idea and Giveaway Winners Announcements

Two announcements today: beer stein gift idea and four giveaways winners announcements. First, here’s a holiday gift idea that is a little different: beer glasses from Beer Stein. 1001BeerSteins.com was founded with a simple goal — to share the German Beer Stein tradition with their customers. They offer a large selection of quality beer mugs, pilsners, and beer glasses. Beer steins make a great gift for any occasion in a beer connoisseur’s life.

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Fisher-Price GeoTrax Christmas Toytown Train – Holiday Gift Idea

Here’s another holiday gift idea: the Fisher-Price GeoTrax Christmas Train. Fisher-Price sent me a review unit and my kids love it. The remote-control Toytown train set is suppose to be for ages two to seven, but even my ten year old likes it. We have another remote-control train (from the outlaws), but the kids like the GeoTrax train better because it’s cuter and features Christmas scene props, music, and lights. Now all the kids are fighting over the remote for the GeoTrax train and no one is playing with our other train set.

Fisher-Price GeoTrax Christmas Toytown Train

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Perplexus 3D Maze Game – Holiday Gift Idea and Giveaway

PlaSmart recently sent their Perplexus toy to my kids to play with. Thanks to PlaSmart (Twitter | Facebook), I’m also giving away a couple of Perplexus games on my dad blog. Until recently, I have never heard of Perplexus, which is a maze game where you have to maneuver a small marble around 100 barriers inside a transparent sphere. Unlike other maze games, Perplexus is a three-dimensional game. This is not a mindless game and it has certainly left the kids and I perplexed. You have to focus to shift, flip, and twist the sphere to guide the marble. My ten-year old is getting pretty good at it, but my seven-year old is still having problems getting very far in the game. If your kids like challenging games, then they will probably like this game as well. Dads and moms will like Perplexus too because it will keep the kids distracted for hours. It’s a great travel toy (worked like a charm on our trip to grandpa’s house).

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