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SKIL Giveaway Winner

Good morning, dads and moms. The sunny has disappeared in Portland. It’s cloudy this morning. It’s suppose to be mid-eighties today, but I don’t think it will reach 80. Anyway, I have one winner announcement this morning. But first, here are the current open giveaways on my giveaway blogs:

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Review and Giveaway: SKIL 360 Quick-Select

SKIL 360 Quick-Select

Over the past week or so, I’ve been using a new tool. It’s a SKIL 360 Quick-Select. I own five drills and this tool is very different because it features a bit magazine that auto loads the bit for you. Neat, right? It’s very convenient for DYI projects and fixing things around the house. No more wasting time searching for the correct bit. Thanks to SKIL, a reader of my dad blog can win the new 360 Quick-Select power screwdriver.

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Review and Giveaway: SKIL iXO Vivo Cordless Screwdriver comes with a power corkscrew

SKIL iXO Vivo Cordless Screwdriver with a power corkscrew

Check out the tool SKIL sent me for review and giveaway on my dad blog. It’s the iXO Vivo cordless screwdriver with a corkscrew attachment. The power corkscrew safely and securely removes a wine bottle cork in less than ten seconds. Nice! The iXO Vivo is an excellent holiday gift for wine lovers, DIYers and frequent entertainers.

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FCC Consumer Broadband Test

The Federal Communications Commission recently announced a new broadband test service to help dads and moms clock the speed of their Internet connection. The tests help geek dads and moms compare their actual speeds with the speeds advertised by their providers. My test results actually came close to what Verizon FIOS advertised (up to 10 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload).

In the broadband speed test, moms and dads are randomly assigned either the Ookla or M-Lab test. I’m not sure what the differences in the tests are, but the results do vary slightly between the Ookla or M-Lab test in Internet Explorer and Firefox

Ookla broadband test with Internet Explorer (Thursday 9pm)
FCC Ookla broadband test in Internet Explorer

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