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Home Alone Ultimate Collector’s Edition Review

Home Alone Ultimate Collector's Edition Blu-ray set

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment sent me the Ultimate Collector’s Edition of Home Alone for review on my dad blog. The 25th anniversary of Home Alone includes all five Home Alone films in a paint can. That’s right — a paint can. If you ask me, a paint can is a fun way to package the Home Alone movies. If you’ve seen Home Alone (who hasn’t?), then you know why. In addition to all five Home Alone movies, the Ultimate Collector’s Edition includes some extra goodies: a big spider, a McCallister Christmas ornament, Kevin’s battle plan for the Wet Bandits, and a wanted poster of the thieves. Home Alone Ultimate Collector’s Edition is available now on Blu-ray and DVD. The new addition of Home Alone will make a fun gift this holiday.

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Deals of the week: Nintendo 3DS for $119, Video Games 33% Off, Wii/Super Mario Bundle for $129

You gotta love all the deals this holiday seasons. I wish I had the cash to take advantage of all the deals. Here are some promotions that caught my attention this week.

Aqua Blue Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS for $119
Best Buy is running a week-long promotion on the Nintendo 3DS. You buy it for the regular $169.99 price, then you get a $50 gift card. Net price: $119.99. Sweet! The deal is good for all three colors (Flame Red, Aqua Blue, and Cosmo Black). The promotion is good in store and online (free shipping or store pick up). Promotion ends Saturday (December 10th).

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Deals of the Week – Blu-ray players for $49, Xbox Kinect for $149, Wii for $99

Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect gaming console

I noticed some really good deals recently and I thought I would share: Dynex Wi-Fi Blu-ray Player for $49.99 (pre-Black Friday), Nintendo 3DS Console for $145 (pre-Black Friday), Xbox 360 gaming console with Kinect for $149.96, Wii Limited Edition Blue Console for $99.96, LG Blu-ray Player for $49, and HP AMD Dual-Core Laptop for $248. These are the official prices released by the retailers, and not based on leaked ads.

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Deal of the Weekend: $100 off Xbox 360 with Kinect Bundle at Target

Target and Microsoft are running a special promotion this weekend. You will receive a $100 Target gift card if you buy the 4 GB Xbox 360 with Kinect bundle ($299.99). Over the last two-three months, I’ve seen a lot of retailers offer a $50 gift card for the Kinect system, but this is the first time I’ve seen a $100 gift card promo.

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Hello Earth, Goodbye Waste

Friday, April 22nd, is Earth Day. Recycling is year round, but this time of the year I usually focus on recycling items that our garbage hauler won’t collect. I store these items in the garage until I’m ready, and then I take the items to the appropriate place for recycling. I mentioned in another blog post that you can recycle your batteries and fluorescent bulbs at Home Depot, but there are several places that offer free recycling:

  • Best Buy – electronics like TVs, DVD players, computer monitors, audio and video cables, cell phones, etc
  • Target – aluminum, glass and plastic beverage containers, plastic bags, MP3 players, cell phones and ink cartridges
  • Walmart – Samsung, Durabrand and Ilo consumer electronics (other brands are recyclable for a fee)
  • Ikea – paper, cardboard, plastics, glass, compact fluorescent light bulbs and batteries
  • Lowe’s – rechargeable batteries, compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), cell phones and plastic shopping bags
  • Home Depot – batteries and fluorescent bulbs
  • Goodwill – computers, computer accessories and some electronics items
  • Salvation Army – plastics (old wastebaskets, broken Rubbermaid products, large children’s toys), broken jewelry pieces (including the backs of earrings), stuffed animals, cardboard, metal, cell phones, old computers and computer monitors, purses, clothing, shoes, and books

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Target Deal of the Week: Wii, Xbox, PS3, and DSi

Target is running specials on game systems and accessories starting this Sunday (August 22). Dads and moms can get a Nintendo Wii game system (includes Wii Sports, remote, and nunchuk) for $150 ($50 off). Dads and moms can also get a Wii Remote with MotionPlus (available in pink, black or blue) for $30 (save $20). We have two remotes already, but we’re thinking about getting additional remotes because we have four kids that like to bicker over the controller. BTW, if you’re thinking about getting one of the newer Wii games, you can save $20 if you purchase any two of the following video games: Harry Potter Years 1-4 (my oldest daughter wants this one), Super Mario Galaxy 2, Toy Story 3, and Just Dance.

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The Diaper Wars: Target vs Amazon and Diapers.com

Last year on my dad blog, I did a price comparison of diapers and baby wipes sold at Target (Up & Up) and Costco (Kirkland). Target was the winner in every single category.

Target vs Costco (Summer 2009)

  • Target baby wipes were 35% less expensive
  • Target size one diapers were 6% less expensive
  • Target size two diapers were 24% less expensive
  • Target size three diapers were 32% less expensive
  • Target size four diapers were 26% less expensive
  • Target size five diapers were 19% less expensive
  • Target size six diapers were 27% less expensive

Because I’m a frugal dad and I have a 16-month old toddler, I recently did a price comparison between Target stores, Amazon, and Diapers.com. Once again, Target is the price leader in each category. Target wins on price, but Amazon offers free shipping for orders of $25+ and Diapers.com offers free 1-2 day shipping for orders over $49. Diapers.com also offers a one-year return policy (no, you can’t return used diapers). Note: Target.com also sells diapers and baby wipes online, but it doesn’t look like they offer free shipping on those items.

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Target Super Bowl HDTV Specials

I don’t usually blog about sales, but Target sent me a preview of their Super Bowl specials for HDTV sets and I noticed they have a really good price for a 42″ Magnavox 1080p LCD HDTV ($499). The prices on the other HDTV’s might be good too, but my outlaws have been looking for a 40″ flat screen TV so I know $499 for a 42″ is a good deal — almost as good as the Black Friday specials and you don’t even have to wait in the cold at midnight in the hopes of getting one. The Target Super Bowl HDTV specials start this Sunday (January 31st). BTW, I think I’m the only dad in Oregon who does not have a flat screen TV. I’m still waiting for someone to send me one for review.

Target Super Bowl Specials for HDTV Sets

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My Little Tomboy

When I feel like punishing myself, I take my children to Target to check out the toys. There’s nothing more fun for a dad than having your children ask you to buy one toy after another. When that doesn’t work, the kids change their tactics and start telling me what toys they want for Christmas and their birthdays. They don’t really need to tell me. I know them well enough to figure out what they like. But the Little Monkey did surprise me. Take a look at what my youngest daughter wants for Christmas:

My little girl with a Bakugan toy at Target
My little girl with a Bakugan toy - tomboy

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