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Review: Deadpool Costume from Halloween Adventure – Ultimate Source for Marvel Costumes


My son and I can’t wait to see the Deadpool movie next February. We love Deadpool. He’s funny like Spiderman, but he has no moral compass. He’s not a villain, so I guess that makes Deadpool an anti-hero. For those of you who don’t know, Deadpool’s super power is speed healing. He’s just about impossible to kill. In fact, if his head was severed, all he has do is stitch it back on and he’s good to go. BTW, Deadpool’s real name is Wade Wilson. Wade got his super power from a secret organization (remember the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie?). Even though he’s not like the other superheroes, Deadpool is one my favorite superhero characters. That’s one of the reasons why I love my new Deadpool costume (see photos). It’s awesome!

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Holiday Gift Idea – Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Super Adventure DVD

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Super Adventure

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment sent me their new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD for review on my dad blog. It’s called Super Adventure! My kids and I watched it over the weekend. We loved it — especially the first episode. With the exception of my wife (I think there’s something wrong with her), everyone in our family are super fanboys. We love superheroes. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Super Adventure is available now on DVD. It’s an excellent holiday gift idea for the little fanboy in your family.

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Thor: The Dark World – an unexpected sci-fi story about evil elves

Thor: The Dark World

My son and I saw an early screening of Thor: The Dark World last Monday. We loved it, but I was surprised the film was more of a science fiction story than a superhero story. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of ass kicking by Thor and other Asgardians. But there’s also space ships and worm holes, which I didn’t expect. Thor: The Dark World (Marvel Studios) opens in theaters today. The 112-minute movie is rated PG-13 for sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence, and some suggestive content. Continue reading to learn six things about Thor: The Dark World.

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Review: Max Steel Interactive Steel with Turbo Sword

Max Steel ~ Mattel

Earlier in the month we hosted a Max Steel party at our house. My son invited two of his friends and my daughter also invited two of her friends. My pre-schooler even joined in on the fun. Everyone had a turbo good time. We watched a Max Steel DVD and played with some Max Steel toys. Everyone liked playing with the action figures, but the Max Steel turbo sword was everyone’s favorite. I think everyone thought the sword’s blue light and turbo sound were very cool.

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Movie Review: Iron Man 3 – the end of a superhero

Iron Man 3 - Marvel Studios

My oldest son and I saw an early screening of Iron Man 3. We loved it! The new Ironman movie isn’t as awesome as the Avengers movie. But I enjoyed the story more and there’s plenty of action even though there’s only one superhero. And yes, Stan Lee is in this Marvel film too. This time, he’s a judge of a beauty contest. Lucky guy. Iron Man 3 (Marvel Studios) opens in theaters today (May 3rd). Continue reading for the full review.

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Costume Review: Batgirl – a new superhero sidekick for the Dark Knight

Batgirl Halloween costume

Check out my little Batgirl in the photos above and below. Isn’t she cute? Wholesale Halloween Costumes sent the Bat Girl costume to me for review on my dad blog. My little girl and I love it. I think my daughter makes an awesome super hero. The Batgirl costume includes a dress, cape, boot tops, handcuffs, belt and mask. It is available in small, medium, and large. It’s currently priced at $25.90.

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Costume Discounters Giveaway – win a Halloween costume

boys Halloween costumes from Costume Discounters

Last June, I wrote a costume review for CostumeDiscounters.com. Now, it’s time for a costume giveaway on my dad blog. Thanks to Costume Discounters, I’m giving away a costume of the winner’s choice. It’s about time, right? Halloween is only three months away. In my completely unbiased opinion, Halloween is the best holiday of the year.

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Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises – can you make a good Batman movie if the Batman isn't in it?

Batman ~ The Dark Knight Rises ~ Warner Bros.

[Update: Condolences to the families and friends of the victims of the Batman cinema shooting in Aurora, Colorado.]

My daughter and I recently saw a screening of the new Batman movie: The Dark Knight Rises. We loved the movie. It’s a great story and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was nominated for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay. However, some people might be disappointed if they’re expecting to see a lot of action scenes with the Dark Knight. The Batman is actually not in a good portion of the movie. Batman: The Dark Knight Rises (Warner Bros.) opens in theaters today. Below is a quick summary of the film. Continue reading for the full movie review of The Dark Knight Rises.

The 411 for Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

The story Batman returns to Gotham after eight years of retirement
Appropriateness for children It’s OK for children, but there are some profanity, intense action scenes, and implied sex
  • Great hero story
  • Surprising revelations caught me off guard
  • Nice special effects
  • It’s stunning in IMAX (no 3D as far as I know)
  • Batman is missing in most of the scenes
  • The villain is a little hard to understand at times
Release date July 20, 2012
Rating Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, some sensuality and language
Runtime 164 minutes
Genre Drama, action

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Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-man – he really is amazing

The Amazing Spiderman (Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment)

My son and I saw a screening of the Amazing Spider-man last night. It’s a reboot of the last three Spiderman movies. This time around, the villain is the Lizard. My son and I both enjoyed the movie. My son love this version the best, but I like the original series better. The Amazing Spider-man (Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment) opens in theaters today. Below is a quick summary of the film. Continue reading for the full movie review of the new Spider-man movie.

The 411 for The Amazing Spider-man

The story It’s an origin story featuring Spiderman and the evil Lizard
Appropriateness for children There’s a few scenes with bad language. Some of the action scenes were also violent and intense.
IMAX 3D effects Really sharp
  • Good special effects
  • The Green Goblin isn’t in it
  • Loved Stan Lee’s latest cameo
  • Denis Leary stood out
  • Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy didn’t have the same chemistry as the original couple
Release date July 3, 2012
Rating Rated PG-13 for sequences of action and violence
Runtime 136 minutes
Genre Action, fantasy

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T-Shirts.com T-shirt Giveaway

T-Shirts.com Harry Potter and Irish t-shirts

Today’s giveaway on my dad blog is brought to you by T-Shirts.com. The winner can pick a t-shirt of their choosing from the T-Shirts.com website. T-Shirts.com offers t-shirts in a variety of themes: animal, band, funny, holiday, junk food, military, movie/TV, music, novelty, pop culture, sports, tie dye, tuxedo, TV, video game, and vintage/retro. My favorite is their superhero t-shirts. Big surprise. I wouldn’t mind getting a superhero t-shirt this holiday season. I think a cool t-shirt is a fun and inexpensive stocking stuffer for dads, moms, and kids.

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