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Our Awesome Mix in Honor of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

If you have seen either of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, then you know music is one of the things Peter Quill (Star-Lord) is really into. And you better not mess with the awesome mix his mom gave him before she died. He’s crazy enough to risk his own life for his special tunes. With that in mind, my two youngest kids and I put together our awesome playlist on Spotify. The mix is special because they are Glee tunes. Our family has been watching old Glee episodes for several weeks now. The kids are really into the show and someday might even have fond memories of Glee binging with mom and dad when they were young. BTW, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is available now in digital HD and will be out on 4K, Blu-ray and DVD on August 22nd.

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Sabor Giveaway – win a Spanish Learning Songs CD

Sabor! Spanish Learning Songs CD | Whistlefritz

If you want your kids to learn a little Spanish, I have just the giveaway for you. Thanks to Whistlefritz, I’m giving away a copy of their ¡Sabor! Spanish Learning Songs CD. The new title is a collection of Spanish language songs. The CD is a follow-up to Whistlefritz’s Spanish immersion CD: Cha, Cha, Cha and ¡A Bailar! (Let’s Dance). ¡Sabor! Spanish Learning Songs is available now on CD for $14.99. Note: the songs are also available on iTunes.

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Review and Giveaway: The Froggy Hop CD

The Froggy Hop music CD (The Chickadees)

I received a copy of The Froggy Hop CD for review and giveaway on my dad blog. The Froggy Hop is The Chickadees’ latest CD. Their first album, Songs from the Great Outdoors, won a Parent’s Choice award. The group is fronted by former Atlantic Records artist, Mary Karlzen. Other members of The Chickadees include Anjl Rodee, Carmen Nickerson and Rosie Dempree. Bottom line: the CD made me feel like I was back in outdoor school and reminded me of Earth Day. The eleven songs have a nice beat, and are fun to sing along with. The Froggy Hop is available now for $10.

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Giveaway: Dan Zanes Little Nut Tree CD

Dan Zanes and Friends released a new CD last week. The title of Zanes’ new album is Little Nut Tree. In addition to Dan Zanes, Little Nut Tree also features Andrew Bird, Sharon Jones, the Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars, Joan Osborne, the Harmony Project, Zanes’ band (Sonia De Los Santos, Colin Brooks, Saskia Lane and Elena Moon Park), newcomer Shine (aka Shawana Kemp) and many other collaborators including Father Goose, Barbara Brousal, Bonga, Simon Kirke, Donald Saaf, and Tareq Abboushi. Thanks to Zanes’ Festival Five Records, I’m giving away a copy of the Little Nut Tree album.

Dan Zanes and Friends ~ Little Nut Tree CD (Festival Five Records)

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SoundSpa Lullaby Review

HoMedics sent me a SoundSpa Lullaby for review. I love it. My wife loves it. Even the little one likes it. The SoundSpa Lullaby is a device for soothing babies, toddlers, and dads (I’m serious, the SoundSpa Lullaby can help parents fall asleep too). It’s a combination mobile and sound machine. But instead of an actual mobile, the SoundSpa Lullaby projects the rotating images on a ceiling or wall. My wife and I bought a motorized mobile before. We hated it. The motor was too loud and annoyed the heck out of us. The baby didn’t like it either and we eventually returned it. The SoundSpa Lullaby, on the other hand, is whisper quiet when the audio is off (separate on/off switches for audio and projector).

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The Gift of Music

If you’re looking for ideas for stocking stuffers, consider the music CDs below. I found them at the library recently and I love them.

  • Waking Up Is Hard to Do – Neil Sedaka ($8.99)
    Sedaka’s first album for children. A great gift for a dad or mom who’s a fan of Neil Sedaka (I think he would have made a great Wiggle).
  • Beatles Hits For Kids ($13.99) and Beatles Hits For Kids Volume 2 ($14.99) – the Bingo Kids
    Beatles songs sung by children. An interesting way to introduce your kids to the songs of the Beatles.
  • Soulbook – Rod Stewart ($9.99)
    I’m not a big Rod Stewart fan, but I love this collection of oldies.
  • Crazy Love – Michael Bublé ($12.99)
    The sappy romantic in me loves this album.
  • Soul – Seal ($11.99)
    I love Seal’s version of the soul classics on this CD.
  • Quiet Nights – Diana Krall ($9.99)
    The reviews on this CD are only so-so, but I like it and I’m not even a jazz fan.

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