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The Harley Quinn and Zombie Batman Show

Harley Quinn interviewing Zombie Batman

Netflix has a new series out. It’s called the Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show. We’ve only seen one episode so far. In the show, Mr. Peabody and Sherman interview people from our past. It’s essentially an educational show mixed in with a lot of gags. Speaking of interviews, DreamWorks Animation sent us a kit (mugs, fake microphone, interview cards) to conduct our own interview. Check out the funny video below. It’s Harley Quinn interviewing Zombie Batman. I’m biased, but I think it’s cute.

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7 Things About the Mr. Peabody and Sherman Blu-ray

Mr. Peabody and Sherman Blu-ray

The kids and I watched Mr. Peabody and Sherman over the weekend. We actually saw this film at the theater when it came out earlier in the year. It was funny then and seems to be even funnier now. I kid you not. My children laughed louder and more often the second time around. Mr. Peabody and Sherman (DreamWorks Animation and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment) is available now on DVD and Blu-ray. Continue reading to learn seven things about the movie.

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CatDog, Thunder, Strawberry Shortcake and Mr. Peabody Giveaways Winners

We’re headed to the corn maze this weekend. Before we become hopelessly lost, I have four giveaway winner announcements this morning. But first, below is the current giveaway running on my dad blog.

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