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The Medical Advice That Almost Killed Our Baby

baby home from the ER and ICU - eight months oldHere’s the story behind our baby’s seizures and the medical advice that almost killed him. Early Halloween morning, baby threw up and had a fever. When my wife told me, I wasn’t alarmed. As a dad of four kids, I’ve had more than my share of kids with fever. Plus I had the baby all to myself from 10 pm to 1 am the previous night. He slept in my arms for a couple hours and played for the other hour. When I handed baby off to my wife for his feeding, he was fine and happy. He didn’t appear to be the least bit sick.

That morning, my wife called the HMO and told the advice nurse about baby’s fever and vomiting. The nurse told my wife not to bring baby in unless he has bluish discolorations. The nurse also told my wife to take off baby’s clothes to cool him down, but do not give him any Tylenol because the acetaminophen might make him throw up again.

So while I was out and about with the other three kids (Chinese school and Target), my wife stayed home with baby. When I got back, baby was lying on the carpet twitching while my wife was on the phone with the 911 operator. At first I thought baby had hiccups. His seizures were not the violent shaking kind you see on TV. Then I noticed his eyes were rolled back. At that point, I felt someone ripping my heart out of my chest and I thought, “oh no, our baby is dying!”

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Oh Frak, Baby Has H1N1

The good news is Little Disney came home about two hours ago. The bad news is he tested positive for H1N1 (just the kind of news dads and moms want to hear). After he recovers, we have to take him back for additional tests (MRI, EEG, etc). Apparently, seizures for six hours is about five hours, fifty-nine minutes too long for an infant. At least his CAT scan turned out OK and he can move both sides of his body now.

BTW, the doctors think baby’s seizures were caused by his fever (103 degrees) and not as a direct result of the H1N1 virus. It appears our baby’s body does not tolerate heat very well. So now we have to be prepared for the possibility of more seizures whenever he has a fever (another thing for dad and mom to worry about). The doctor even prescribed anti-seizure medication. The drug is administered rectally, but at a cost of $750 for a twin kit, I feel like I’m actually the one getting reamed.

I’ll blog more about our fun later (including the really bad advice we got from our HMO). Now I have to write a post about a contest that started last night. I’m a little behind. I wonder why.

baby home from the hospital