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COMET Giveaway – win a prize pack

Comet Prize Pack

There’s a new network called COMET. The network is dedicated to science fiction and horror programming. Best of all the sci-fi network is free. You can see COMET shows on television digi-networks and online at CometTV.com. Thanks to COMET, I’m giving away a swag pack consisting of two COMET exclusive t-shirts (Get Skiffy and We Can Hear You Scream), COMET robot stress ball, COMET flying saucer, astronaut ice cream, and popcorn. Continue reading to find out more about COMET and how to win their prize pack.

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Thor: The Dark World – an unexpected sci-fi story about evil elves

Thor: The Dark World

My son and I saw an early screening of Thor: The Dark World last Monday. We loved it, but I was surprised the film was more of a science fiction story than a superhero story. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of ass kicking by Thor and other Asgardians. But there’s also space ships and worm holes, which I didn’t expect. Thor: The Dark World (Marvel Studios) opens in theaters today. The 112-minute movie is rated PG-13 for sequences of intense sci-fi action and violence, and some suggestive content. Continue reading to learn six things about Thor: The Dark World.

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Five Things About the Ender's Game Movie

Ender's Game | Summit Entertainment

My son and I saw an early screening of Ender’s Game. The movie is based on a book (by Orson Scott Card) with the same name. I have not read the book, but my ten-year son has. We both enjoyed the sci-fi action film, but my son said they changed the ending. Ender’s Game (Summit Entertainment) opens in theaters today. Continue reading to learn five things about Ender’s Game.

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Seven Super Things You Should Know About the Man of Steel Movie

Man of Steel | Superman (Warner Bros. Pictures)

My son and I saw an advance screening of Man of Steel earlier in the week. It’s not a perfect film, but we loved it. Man of Steel is a reboot of the Superman series. Clark Kent is still a baby that crash landed on Earth from the planet Krypton. But in the reboot, Clark Kent isn’t the golly gee whiz klutz that we are use to seeing. He’s a reflective person that is trying to act like everyone else even though he’s burning inside to save everyone he can. A lot of the Superman storyline has been changed, but it’s refreshing to see a different take on Superman. Man of Steel (Warner Bros. Pictures) opens today in theaters everywhere on Earth and in the Phantom Zone. Read on to find out about the seven things you should know about the new Superman movie.

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Oblivion Movie Review – it's a sci-fi threesome

Oblivion - Universal Pictures

My oldest son and I saw an early screening of Oblivion in IMAX. The film is a sci-fi story starring Tom Cruise (Jack Harper), Olga Kurylenko (Julia) and Andrea Riseborough (Victoria). The story takes place in the future after decades of war with aliens called Scavs. Jack, Julia and Andrea are a few of the remaining humans left on a post-apocalyptic Earth. My son and I love the movie. The story is excellent and the special effects are dazzling. Oblivion (Universal Pictures) opens in theaters on Friday. Continue reading for the full review.

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Movie Review: The Darkest Hour – the aliens are invisible, so’s my interest

The Darkest Hour

I saw a screening of The Darkest Hour (Summit Entertainment) last night. It’s a sci-fi movie about a bunch of invisible aliens invading Earth. Bottom line: the film looked promising when the aliens invaded within the first 15 minutes of the story. But then the movie became predictable and there was very little suspense. If you want to see a recent movie about aliens invading Earth, you’re better off watching Cowboys & Aliens on DVD. The Darkest Hour opens on Christmas day. The 89-minute movie is rated PG-13 for violence and language.

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Movie Review: In Time – is it worth your time?

In Time movie ~ 20th Century Fox and New Regency

I saw a free movie screening of In Time earlier this week. The movie takes place in the future when time is the only currency. Everyone is genetically engineered to stop aging at twenty-five. However, once people turn 25, they can live for only one more year unless they can get more time. Bottom line: I love the story idea and found the sci-fi thriller entertaining. It had action, suspense, and even some humorous situations. However, the script could have been better. In Time (20th Century Fox and New Regency) opens in theaters today. The 109-minute film is rated PG-13 for violence, some sexuality, and strong language.

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