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Barney, Rio and Earth to Echo Giveaways Winners

Good morning dads and moms. Looks like we have rain coming to Portland. Is summer over already? I hope not. Anyway, I have three giveaway winner announcements. But first, below is the current giveaway running on my dad blog.

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Lego Movie, Grand Budapest Hotel and Earth to Echo Giveaways Winners

Hey people. I have to take my daughter to get some shots today. That’s going to be fun. When she was much younger, she use to cry and/or run out of the doctor’s office when it was her turn. Before I go, I have four giveaway winner announcements. But first, below are the current sweepstakes running on my dad and movie blogs.

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Movie Review: Mirror Mirror – a twist on the Snow White fairy tale

Mirror Mirror ~ Relativity Media

I saw Mirror Mirror (Relativity Media) with my two daughters last weekend. The movie features Julia Roberts as the evil queen and stepmother [Question: why are stepmothers alway evil in fairy tales?]. Mirror Mirror is a family oriented film. However, I’m not sure if young children will enjoy this movie. Below is a quick summary of the film. Continue reading for the full movie review of Mirror Mirror.

The 411 for Mirror Mirror

The story An evil queen wants to marry a prince, but the prince is in love with Snow White.
Appropriateness for children No sexual content or bad language, but there are some scenes that are a little intense.
  • Julia Roberts is excellent
  • A new twist on the Snow White story
  • Great costumes
  • Not that funny
Release date March 30, 2012
Rating Rated PG for some fantasy action and mild rude humor.
Runtime 106 minutes
Genre Adventure, drama, comedy

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