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EyeBuyDirect.com Giveaway

Today’s giveaway is brought to you by EyeBuyDirect.com. They are an online retailer of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. Thanks to EyeBuyDirect.com, I am giving away a pair of prescription eyeglasses on my dad blog. What great timing. Prescription eyeglasses is exactly what my ten-year old daughter needs. I found out recently that she needs glasses. She’s only ten. It’s my wife fault because I didn’t need glasses until I was in college and my wife was born wearing eye glasses.

This is suppose to be a review and giveaway, but my daughter couldn’t get in to see an eye doctor until this week (it’s our HMO’s fault). As a result, the glasses probably won’t arrive until next week at the earliest. However, I can tell you that EyeBuyDirect.com have millions of glasses to choose from (I counted them personally). I have never ordered glasses online before. I found the process relatively easy, but my advice is to try out glasses at the store first. This is so know what size of frames you need. It’s not one-size fits all. BTW, if you want to try on a frame online before you buy it, you can upload your photo and use their Eye Try feature. That way you can see how the glasses look on your face.

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Just Eyewear Giveaway – Win a Pair of Glasses or Sunglasses

Good morning, readers. Today’s giveaway is brought to you by Just Eyewear. They are direct sellers of prescription glasses and sunglasses. All of their eyeglasses are made in the United States by U.S. trained technicians. Every pair is made to ANSI Z80.1 Standards and is inspected 5 times before being sent to customers. Parents can save up to 90% over a brick-and-mortar store. Just Eyewear offers not only low prices, but a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee as well. Dads and moms can return their glasses, for any reason, and get all of their money back. Nice!

Just Eyewear prescription glasses and sunglasses

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We’re Fattening Up Our Baby with Beer

Well, the super fattening prescription formula backfired. After almost two weeks, baby lost weight because he cries bloody murder whenever we try to give him the bottle. So now we have to use a feeding tube to pump the super fattening prescription formula up his nose and into his little tummy. [Note to couch potato dads: we have confirmed it — you can use the feeding tube to pump beer directly into your belly (TV remote not included with feeding tube).]

Baby celebrates his 9 month birthday with a 2 day stay at the hospital
baby with feeding tube at the children hospital

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Baby Hates Ice Cream, Loves Cardboard and Plastic

I can’t get baby to eat anything (not even ice cream). Yet every time I turn around, he’s sticking something in his mouth. The latest news on his Failure To Thrive Syndrome (not related to his seizures or H1N1): baby has to stop breast feeding and take prescription formula instead. If that doesn’t work, the doctor is going to stick a tube up baby’s nose so we can pump the prescription formula into his system when he’s asleep at night. And if that doesn’t work, they are going to hospitalize him and feed him via an IV. Oh yeah, they’re also going to stick a teeny weeny camera inside his body to see if there’s anything wrong internally.

baby eats everything except food