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Schwan’s Home Service is Easy and Convenient for Busy Parents

Schwan's Home Service - special recipe pizzas

I recently placed an order with Schwan’s Home Service. The company is essentially an online grocery store. In my case, I ordered a bunch of their special recipe pizzas. They were delicious and my evil kids ate most of them when I was busy working outside. Schwan’s isn’t limited to just frozen pizzas. Dads and moms can also order fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, pasta, side dishes, snacks, appetizers, desserts, breakfast items and even ice cream. That’s right. You can have ice cream delivered right to your door. I’m sure kids everywhere love that feature.

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Eight Things About Zact Mobile #MC

Zact Mobile - Pixar Toy Story: Smash It! and Disney Infinity: Action!

Did you know Zact Mobile is the first wireless service provider to let parents remotely manage their child’s phone from their own handset? As a parent, I love this feature because I’m concerned about my kids’ mobile usage and what they do with their smartphones. With Zact’s no contract phones, I can set limits on the amount of talk, text and data time. In addition, I can block contacts and control which apps my children has access to.

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Review: Ugly Children's Clothing – they actually look great

Ugly Children's Clothing activist parka

Check out the photos of my son. He’s wearing ugly children’s clothing. OK, the clothes are not actually ugly. In fact, I think the clothes are cute. The clothes are just marketed with the brand name of Ugly Children’s Clothing. Funny, right? The company sent me a couple of their Ugly clothing for review on my dad blog. I’m not sure who’s happier — me or my son. We both love the Ugly clothes. My son didn’t even want to take off the Ugly shirt or the parka. Did I mention it was 90° when he tried on the Ugly clothes? It’s a good thing Fall is just around the corner.

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Homework Help, or Homework Hurt?

Bedtime Math A Fun Excuse To Stay Up Late (Macmillan Children's), by Laura Overdeck and Jim Paillot

I’m taking part in a blog tour today with Laura Overdeck, author of Bedtime Math: A Fun Excuse To Stay Up Late (review). Basically, I asked her a couple of questions and she sent me an elegant essay. I was not compensated for posting her answer. I’m just sharing because I think her post is helpful to other parents too. Here’s what I asked her:

  • How much help should parents give their child on their homework?
  • Should parents double check their kids’ math homework? My wife thinks I should double check their work. But I don’t think I should because they should be able to do this on their own. Double checking is a skill they need to learn. I can’t double check their tests at school.

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Book Review: Good Enough Parenting – The Sensible Discipline Guide for New Parents

Good Enough Parenting - The Sensible Discipline Guide for New Parents by Lisl Fair ~ Brainy Connections

Brainy Connections sent me a pdf version of their new book for review on my dad blog. The title of the new book is: Good Enough Parenting – The Sensible Discipline Guide for New Parents (written by Lisl Fair). The book is intended for parents of children ages one to six. I skimmed the book over the weekend and I learned some useful tips. Good Enough Parenting – The Sensible Discipline Guide for New Parents is currently available on Amazon Kindle for $2.99 (note: you can borrow it for free if you’re a Prime member).

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Hilton HHonors Little League Giveaway

Hilton Worldwide (Facebook | Twitter), the official hotel partner of Little League Baseball and Softball, is running two promotions: (1) Hilton HHonors Little League Play of the Week on their Facebook page (grand prize is a five-night stay at any Hilton hotel worldwide) and (2) a giveaway on my dad blog (prize is a Little League Parent Survival Kit). The Little League Parent Survival Kit ($180+ value) consists of:

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