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BookSwim – the Netflix of Book Rentals

BookSwim online book rental library serviceLast month, I received an email from BookSwim. I had never heard of them before so I took a quick look at their site. After my quick peek, I could see that BookSwim is something that might interest some book-loving dads and moms. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to write about BookSwim until now. [Disclosure: I did not receive any books, membership, or compensation for writing this review.]

What is BookSwim?
BookSwim is an online book rental library service for dads and moms. They are like Netflix, but instead of movies, they rent hardcovers, paperbacks, and college textbooks. According to BookSwim, they stock all the latest bestsellers, new releases, and classics. Like Netflix, books are delivered directly to your home and you can keep the books as long as you want (no late fees).

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