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Schwan’s Home Service is Easy and Convenient for Busy Parents

Schwan's Home Service - special recipe pizzas

I recently placed an order with Schwan’s Home Service. The company is essentially an online grocery store. In my case, I ordered a bunch of their special recipe pizzas. They were delicious and my evil kids ate most of them when I was busy working outside. Schwan’s isn’t limited to just frozen pizzas. Dads and moms can also order fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, pasta, side dishes, snacks, appetizers, desserts, breakfast items and even ice cream. That’s right. You can have ice cream delivered right to your door. I’m sure kids everywhere love that feature.

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Review: UltraViolet DVDs – it's movie streaming from the clouds

UltraViolet movies from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Have you heard of UltraViolet? It’s a digital service that allows dads, moms, and kids to upload, store and watch their favorite movies whenever and wherever they want. I tried out the service recently with three of Sony Pictures’ UltraViolet movies: Men in Black (I and II), Moneyball, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The movies were great on my Blu-ray player, but I also loved watching the UltraViolet movies on my iPod touch and Nook Color. The playback was very smooth. Best of all, I didn’t have to use software to convert my movies into a format that can be played on my mobile devices. The cloud service took care of that for me, and the process was easy and very quick.

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Fantage Premium Membership Giveaway

Several years ago when I went online to Barbie Girls with my daughter, there were only a few virtual communities for kids. Now there are too many virtual communities to keep track of. It seems like almost every toy now comes with special access to an online game. With the way things are going in the online world, it wouldn’t surprise me if kids eventaully have more online buddies than off-line friends.

Fantage is another virtual world for kids. As far as I can tell, Fantage is not associate with any toys. Fantage is a virtual playground designed for young children and tweens. Like many virtual communities, kids can chat (dads and moms can disable the chat feature), buy things, play games, explore, and do various activities. Fantage has both free memberships and premium memberships ($5.99 a month or $54.99 a year). Premium members receive extra benefits like: premium member only items, deluxe premium rooms, access to all rare items, 1000 stars registration bonus, and extra sticker options. Thanks to Fantage, I’m giving away five premium memberships on my dad blog. More on this later.

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BookSwim – the Netflix of Book Rentals

BookSwim online book rental library serviceLast month, I received an email from BookSwim. I had never heard of them before so I took a quick look at their site. After my quick peek, I could see that BookSwim is something that might interest some book-loving dads and moms. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to write about BookSwim until now. [Disclosure: I did not receive any books, membership, or compensation for writing this review.]

What is BookSwim?
BookSwim is an online book rental library service for dads and moms. They are like Netflix, but instead of movies, they rent hardcovers, paperbacks, and college textbooks. According to BookSwim, they stock all the latest bestsellers, new releases, and classics. Like Netflix, books are delivered directly to your home and you can keep the books as long as you want (no late fees).

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