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Winterland Review – great selection + free shipping

Blue LED rope light - Winterland

Check out the blue rope light I received from Winterland. The holiday light is powered by energy efficient LED’s — about one LED every inch. The rope light is 18 feet in length, so that comes to about 216 LEDs. It’s been raining every day around here, so I have not had a chance to install it outside yet. But that has not stopped by son from playing with it (see photo above).

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The MusicLite LED Light and Wireless Speaker System

Checkout the MusicLite wireless LED light speaker combination in the photo below. The MusicLite features a 10-watt LED cluster (65-watt equivalent) and a 25-watt wireless high fidelity speaker. The device screws into a standard light socket. Nice! I’ve wired our TV room for surround sound and I can tell you it’s not a lot of fun. Snaking speaker wires through an insulated wall can be frustrating and crawling underneath the house is zombie creepy (I think our house was built on top of a graveyard). The MusicLite LED light and wireless speaker system would make a great gift for Father’s Day. Unfortunately, the MusicLite will not be available until this fall.

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