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Treasure Dash Giveaway

Treasure Dash mobile app for iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices

Are you tired of seeing your kids sitting around playing video games? If you are, then you should check out Treasure Dash (Monkey Mojo Games). The free iOS app combines motion controls with virtual reality to get children on their feet and moving as they explore a colorful and immersive 3D world in the spirit of classic Nintendo adventures (like Mario and Zelda). It’s kinda of like a Wii or Kinect game for your mobile device. Treasure Dash is available now for the iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices. Continue reading to find out how a reader of my dad blog can win a Plush toy featuring the tiger from Treasure Dash.

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar Giveaway – win the app and diorama toy

The Very Hungry Caterpillar & Friends - Play & Explore app

Can you believe The Very Hungry Caterpillar celebrated its 45th anniversary about a week ago? The children’s classic has been around a very long time. In celebration, StoryToys and The World of Eric Carle are releasing The Very Hungry Caterpillar & Friends – Play & Explore app for the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The new 3D interactive app offers pre-schoolers new ways to interact with their favorite Eric Carle characters. As part of the promotion for the iOS app, I’m giving the app to five readers of my dad blog. In addition, one winner will also get a Stage & Play: The Very Hungry Caterpillar diorama toy.

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Holiday Gift Idea and Giveaway: SOL REPUBLIC Tracks Ultra Headphones – they're incredible

SOL REPUBLIC Tracks Ultra On-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic (Blue)

SOL REPUBLIC set me a pair of their Tracks Ultra headphones for review and giveaway on my dad blog. I like the sound quality of the earbuds that came with my iPod Touch. But the sound quality of the Tracks Ultra blows away the Apple earbuds. I think a pair of SOL REPUBLIC headphones would make an excellent Christmas gift for a music lover. The Tracks Ultra headphones I’m giving away are available now for $179.99. You can buy a pair directly from SOL REPUBLIC. Or if you prefer, through Amazon. BTW, Michael Phelps wore a pair of SOL REPUBLIC headphones during the summer Olympics.

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Tot Yoga App Review and Gift Basket Giveaway

Tot Yoga app for Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch ~ Tuesdays at Ten and Holt Smith

Over the weekend, I checked out a new app called Tot Yoga. It’s a whimsical app that features 13 interactive yoga poses for children ages two to seven. Actually, the poses are not limited to only young kids. The poses can be practiced by a child alone, beside a parent, or by the parent while the tot is napping. The app is designed to be kid friendly. That’s why it features cute animals doing poses. Kids are encouraged to copy the animal’s poses and movements. Children also encouraged to growl, bark, and bounce like the animals in the app. BTW, I have a Tot Yoga themed giveaway on my dad blog today. I’m giving away a gift basket consisting of a Tot Yoga DVD and a book (Stoney’s Shadow: A Triumphant Tale).

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SquareTrade Giveaway – win an extended warranty for your iPhone 5 or other device

SquareTrade extended warranties company

Today’s giveaway is sponsored by SquareTrade, which is an extended warranties company. To be honest, I almost turned down their offer to host a giveaway on my dad blog because an extended warranty isn’t something most people want to win or read about. But extended warranties are practical and can be big money savers if something bad happens to your shining new device. Especially if you have kids. Children and devices are generally not a good combination. That’s why I always get nervous when my kids (especially my toddler) are playing with my tech gadgets.

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Twist App Review and iTunes Gift Card Giveaway

Twist app (Twist and Shout)

Another two for one special today. First, I’m going to review the new Twist app (by Twist and Shout). Then I’m going to give away a $25 iTunes gift card. Nice!

This week, I’ve been playing with the Twist app for the Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch (iOS 4.0 or later). The app sends emails to your family, friends and colleagues to let them know when you will arrive. The app also sends out alerts to tell people when you are almost there and if you are running late. Obviously, you could text out your status. However, Twist does it automatically so you don’t have to text and drive (very dangerous and illegal in Oregon). BTW, the Twist app is free. However, it’s currently available in the US only. A world-wide release is coming soon. An Android version will also be released in the future.

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Review and Giveaway: Own The Moments App and Big / Tooth Fairy DVD

Big / Tooth Fairy DVD ~ 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Two for one special today. I’m writing a short review of the Own The Moments App and then I’m giving away the Big / Tooth Fairy DVD (Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment) on my dad blog. My kids and I saw Tooth Fairy last month and we loved it. My kids have not seen Big, but I saw it many years ago. It features a young Tom Hank. I loved that movie too.

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MotionX-Sleep Giveaway – 500 winners!

MotionX-Sleep app ~ Fullpower Technologies

I just want to let the readers of my dad blog know that I’m giving away 500 licenses for the MotionX-Sleep 2.0 app on my geek dad blog. The main function of MotionX-Sleep is to help users track and optimize their sleep cycle. Head over to my geek dad blog if you want to read my MotionX-Sleep app review. Or you can go directly to my MotionX-Sleep giveaway page if you want to download the app now. The first 500 people to sign up can get the app for free. MotionX-Sleep is compatible with the Apple iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices (iOS 4.2 or later).

StealthArmor Father’s Day Giveaway

Fusion of Ideas StealthArmor protective film for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPod Nano devices

Unless I get a last minute request, this should be the last Father’s Day giveaway for this year. Thanks to Fusion of Ideas (Twitter), I’m giving away StealthArmor protective film for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPod Nano devices. StealthArmor is a useful gift for the geek dad in your life. The low-profile and sleek iDevice protective film is thin, easy-to-apply, and great for protecting dad’s gadgets. StealthArmor comes in a variety of styles and colors to match dad’s taste.

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Apple iPad Giveaway

OK, the first day of the Monster.com iPad Giveaway is almost over and only one person has entered so far. I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume there is more than one person interested in winning an Apple iPad. I can think of two reasons why only one person has entered so far: (1) you didn’t realize the iPad giveaway is hosted on my blog or (2) you don’t want to make a submission to Monster.com.

iPad Giveway on Daddy Forever
I think I confused some of you with my original title, Submit a Career Tip or Success Story to Monster.com – Win an iPad (changed to Monster Giveaway now). The original title seems to imply the giveaway is hosted on Monster.com. They are offering prizes for submissions, but not an iPad. The Apple iPad giveaway is actually hosted on my dad blog (thank you, Monster.com). You need to submit a career tip or a success story to the Monster community, tag it with Daddy Forever (see original giveaway post), and then leave a comment on the original giveaway post on Daddy Forever.

If you don’t leave a comment on the original giveaway post, you will not be entered in the iPad drawing. If you have already submitted an entry to Monster.com, you can still leave a comment on my blog to let me know (be sure to include the name you used on Monster.com or the title of your entry if you forgot to tag it with Daddy Forever). After you have made the required entry, you can then do a few more things to earn bonus entries (see original giveaway post).

Don’t want make a submission to Monster.com
If you don’t want to make a submission to Monster.com, then you should. After you’ve come up with your career tip or a success story, it only takes about five minutes to fill out their submission form. They ask for name, email, phone (to notify winners of their sweepstakes only), title of your submission, your advice (200 characters max), category, and personal tags (Daddy Forever). For a chance to win an Apple iPad, isn’t five minutes worth your time? I would enter if I was eligible.