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Motionbox Private Video Sharing for Dads and Moms

The people over at Motionbox recently emailed me about their video sharing service. According to Motionbox, one of their big things is letting dads and moms share videos privately in HD quality with friends and family. Their service is for parents who do not want the whole world to see videos of their kids. Am I missing something here? Can’t dads already set their videos to private in YouTube? So, what’s the big deal? I was curious so I took a look at their site and I didn’t even charge them my usual $10 million consulting fee.

Here is the I am Woman video I uploaded to Motionbox. I originally uploaded this video to YouTube a couple years ago. The source file is in 320×240 format so the quality isn’t great on YouTube or Motionbox, but that’s not their fault. [Note: the embedded video below is limited to 100 views a month. If you can’t see it, click on this video link to view the I am Woman video on the Motionbox site.]

Song: I am Woman by Helen Reddy

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