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Baby Hates Ice Cream, Loves Cardboard and Plastic

I can’t get baby to eat anything (not even ice cream). Yet every time I turn around, he’s sticking something in his mouth. The latest news on his Failure To Thrive Syndrome (not related to his seizures or H1N1): baby has to stop breast feeding and take prescription formula instead. If that doesn’t work, the doctor is going to stick a tube up baby’s nose so we can pump the prescription formula into his system when he’s asleep at night. And if that doesn’t work, they are going to hospitalize him and feed him via an IV. Oh yeah, they’re also going to stick a teeny weeny camera inside his body to see if there’s anything wrong internally.

baby eats everything except food

Failure To Thrive Syndrome

Little Disney turned seven months old last Saturday. He’s still cute and has a great smile, but his life has not exactly been filled with rainbows and unicorns. At night, Little Disney wakes up hungry every two hours like a newborn. He’s been to the doctor’s office many times, had blood work done three times, been to a dermatologist and an allergist, and now has to go see a pediatric gastroenterologist. Our baby hates formula, solid foods, antihistamine medication, and being fed with a bottle. Little Disney also has acid reflux, which makes him spit up puddles of food. And he also hates his infant acid reflux medication, which costs a lot but doesn’t seem to help.

our baby boy at seven months

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