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All My Kids Want For Christmas Are Hasbro Toys

Thanks to Hasbro, Christmas came a little early this year. Hasbro sent my children a FurReal Friends Newborn Panda Bear and three Transformers (Revenge of the Fallen) toys to play with. It’s too bad I couldn’t wrap them up and pretend they came from dad and mom. After watching the kids play with the toys, here’s what I have to say (besides thank you to Hasbro).

FurReal Friends Newborn Panda Bear
This little toy is so cute even my little tomboy loves it. The Little Monkey (age four) looks so adorable playing with the panda newborn (she named him Butchee — the name came from the book Fluffy Goes To School). The FurReal Panda makes soft noises and moves a little. The little panda is intended for kids age four and up (the Little Princess also loves the Fur Real panda and she’s nine). It’s a fun and cuddly gift for a little one. The FurReal Panda sells for $18.95 at Amazon (the price goes up and down daily). Amazon also has other Fur Real Friends — like a kitten, monkey, puppy, polar bear, and elephant.

FurReal Panda and his homemade bed
FurReal Friends Newborn Panda Bear

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