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Philips Norelco Father's Day Giveaway

Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D 1290x Electric Shaver

Tick tock. Father’s Day is only a couple of days away. If you’re still looking for a gift idea, then consider giving dad a Philips Norelco Sensotouch Electric Shaver. An electric razor is something almost all dads can use. And thanks to Philips Norelco, I’m giving away a SensoTouch 3D Electric Shaver ($300 value) on my dad blog. Nice!

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Shaun the Sheep and Dad BBQ Giveaway Winners

Good morning, readers. I’m taking my youngest daughter to a screening for The Pirates! Band of Misfits (opens next week). Never heard of it? Neither have I. Hopefully its a good movie even though it’s under the radar. I have two winner announcements this morning. Before I get to the winner announcements, here is the current open giveaway on my dad blog:

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Forged Movie Review – can a son forgive a dad for the unforgivable?

Maya Entertainment sent me a DVD screener of their Forged movie for review on my dad blog. The theatrical release of Forged isn’t until Friday (July 29th). I’ve never been sent an advance screening of a movie before. Pretty cool. It’s an indie film so I’m not sure if it will be released everywhere. [Update: Forged is part of the Maya Indie Film Series, which will take place in LA, NYC, Chicago, Dallas, San Diego, San Antonio, Miami, and San Francisco.] If it’s not released in your area, you can pick up the Forged DVD on September 13, 2011. Bottom line: Forged is an excellent film with good acting. The drama has a little action, but it’s main focus is on the story — can a son forgive a dad for doing something unforgivable?

Forged movie - Maya Entertainment

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Outback Steakhouse Dinner with Dad Giveaway

I’m taking part in a campaign called the Outback Steakhouse Dinner with Dad Experience. Their goal is to get more dads to take time out to have dinner with their kids more often. As part of the campaign, Outback Steakhouse (Facebook | Twitter) is giving away a $45 gift certificate on my dad blog. Sweet! That should encourage a lot of fathers to take their kids to dinner and spend more time with them. I know my kids are excited because they love Outback’s Bloomin’ Onion.

Outback Steakhouse Dinner with Dad Experience

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World’s Greatest TV Dad Contest

Man of the House, an online resource for dads, is hosting the “World’s Greatest TV Dad” contest. The bracket-style competition features 32 father figures from television shows. Voters can vote weekly for their favorite dad in each pairing. The dad with the most votes in each match-up advances until there is only one dad left on June 17th. The TV dads were selected by the editorial team of Man of the House. They used four criteria for their selection: (1) shared household responsibilities, (2) relationship with children, (3) personal health/style/appearance, and (4) work/family balance.

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Fibers.com Father’s Day Giveaway

Looking for another Father’s Day gift idea? How about creating a custom t-shirt on Fibers.com? The website gives moms, dads, and kids the tools to design and order customized t-shirts, hoodies, and other clothing items. If you don’t want to create your own design from scratch, you can also select and personalize one of Fibers.com’s 73 dad t-shirts. Thanks to Fibers.com, I’m giving away a $25 voucher on my dad blog. BTW, Fibers.com is also giving away an iPad. iCool. Read on to find out more.

dad rocks - Fibers.comworld's coolest dad - Fibers.com

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RedEnvelope for Father’s Day – Win a $50 Gift Certificate

If you’re wondering what to give dad this year for Father’s Day, checkout the selection of RedEnvelope Father’s Day gifts. I’ve ordered gifts from RedEnvelope in the past, but I didn’t know Red Envelope offered a wide selection of interesting Father’s Day gifts until they contacted me recently. For instance, look at the Deluxe Valet RedEnvelope sent me for review:

RedEnvelope Deluxe Valet for organizing gadgets, wallet, keys, and watch

The Deluxe Valet is one of many excellent Father’s Day products featured on the RedEnvelope website. Thanks to RedEnvelope, I’m giving away a $50 gift certificate on my dad blog. Plus all of my readers can get 10% off their orders. Read on to learn more about the RedEnvelope Deluxe Valet, the giveaway, and the 10% discount.

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Part-time Dad, Part-time Marriage Ref

Being a dad of four young kids is very much like being a marriage ref. At times, the children bicker with each other like some married couples. Then you have to settle their arguments. Of course, the kids each have their own version about what happened and you have to sort out the facts from the exaggerations. Luckily, the times when they act like soulmates more than make up for the times when you daydream about life before you had kids.

We’re best friends forever
little sister and big brother in a happy moment

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2011 Kia Sorento – Dad Blog Giveaway

Today is the first day of the Things We Won’t Give Up Giveaway on this dad blog. There are four prizes in the giveaway (with a value of over $200). One lucky dad or mom will win them all. Below are the prizes for this contest:

  • $50 Starbucks gift card
  • Six-month Netflix subscription (1 DVD out at-a-time plan – $53.94 value)
  • $50 Chili’s gift card
  • $50 Best Buy gift card

2011 Kia Sorento - white sand beige

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Giveaways This Week

The HP TouchSmart 600 Computer Giveaway will start after midnight tonight (and ends this Wednesday). [Update: it’s live now]

The Kia Sorento’s Things We Won’t Give Up Giveaway will probably start on Wednesday [Update: it’s live now]. Prizes for the Kia Sorento giveaway:

  • Coffee: $50 Starbucks card
  • Netflix: 6 month subscription
  • Dinners out w/ the family: $50 Chili’s gift card
  • Toys for Dad: $50 Best Buy gift card