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Review and Giveaway: ChildUp Early Learning Game Cards

Mommy and son using the ChildUp Early Learning Game Cards

ChildUp sent me a set of their Teach Your Child to Count to 10 – Math & Logic #1 and Teach Your Child to Count to 20 – Math & Logic #2 for review. They’re also giving away both sets on my dad blog. And for a change, this giveaway is open to international readers too. At first glance, the ChildUp cards look like fancy flash cards, but they’re not flash cards. According to the company, the goal of their cards is to teach children to count the animals on the cards instead of memorizing pictures on flashcards. The ChildUp Teach Your Child to Count card sets retail for $11.99. They are intended for children one to five years old.

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I Love My Child With All My Spleen

Even though Little Disney’s health problems has reduced my life span by about 50 million years, I love him with all my heart and spleen.

The good news is that Little Disney is off the GN (gastric nasal) feeding tube. The doctor said he has been on it too long. The GN tube is only suppose to be a short-term solution (one or two months). Our little one had been on the GN-tube for five months. Even though he has been gaining weight with the GN tube (he reached the 30th percentile), the doctor said it was time for the G-tube (gastric feeding tube). The G-tube requires drilling a hole into the tummy and inserting the feeding tube directly into the stomach.

my son - age one

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Disney Offers Refund for Baby Einstein DVDs

It’s been all over the news this week, but just in case you have not heard: Disney is offering a refund on Baby Einstein DVDs. Dads and moms who are not satisfied with the Baby Einstein DVD they purchased, can exchange it for one of the following:

  • A Baby Einstein book AND a Baby Einstein music CD of their choice
  • A coupon for 25% off the purchase of one Little Einsteins product (redeemable with promotion code only at DisneyStore.com)
  • Refund for the current retail value of the DVD ($15.99)

Like many dads and moms, I bought several Baby Einstein DVDs and let my children watch them. At the time (five years ago), I heard it was not a good idea to let your kids watch TV before they are two years old. But I thought the Baby Einstein DVDs were OK because they were designed for babies and toddlers. Turns out I was wrong.

According to a study conducted by the Child Health Institute (University of Washington), each hour per day of viewing baby DVDs/videos was associated with a 16.99 point decrement in CDI score for infants (age 8 to 16 months). In terms normal dads and moms can understand, DVDs like the Baby Einstein series are likely to result in poor language development (a vocabulary decrease of about six to eight words for each daily hour of watching).

Wow, every time I let my toddler watch a Baby Einstein DVD, I was essentially stunting his development. I’m a bad dad. I should have known better.