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The Riddler Costume – holiday gift idea

The Riddler Costume

Check out the Riddler costume I received for review on my dad blog. My son picked it out from the Wholesale Costume Club website. Apparently, he wants to be a villain next Halloween. As you can probably guess, Halloween is big at our house. In fact, a costume wouldn’t be consider a bad gift for Christmas in our family. I know, we’re weird. BTW, the costume is available in both medium and large sizes. The regular price for the item at Wholesale Costume Club is $28.98 ($26.96 for members).

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Batman Costume Review – it's a new Dark Knight costume for 2012

Deluxe Muscle Dark Knight Batman for Adult ~ new for 2012 Dark Knight costumes ~ Wholesale Costume Club

Have you figured out what costume you or your kids will be wearing for Halloween? If you’re thinking about a Batman costume, then you should check out Wholesale Costume Club’s new for 2012 Dark Knight costumes. The Halloween costume company sent me a Batman costume for review on my dad blog. I love it and think it’s awesome. I plan on wearing the new Dark Knight costume when I take the kids trick-or-treating on Halloween night. I think I’m going to be a big hit around the neighborhood.

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Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises – can you make a good Batman movie if the Batman isn't in it?

Batman ~ The Dark Knight Rises ~ Warner Bros.

[Update: Condolences to the families and friends of the victims of the Batman cinema shooting in Aurora, Colorado.]

My daughter and I recently saw a screening of the new Batman movie: The Dark Knight Rises. We loved the movie. It’s a great story and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was nominated for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay. However, some people might be disappointed if they’re expecting to see a lot of action scenes with the Dark Knight. The Batman is actually not in a good portion of the movie. Batman: The Dark Knight Rises (Warner Bros.) opens in theaters today. Below is a quick summary of the film. Continue reading for the full movie review of The Dark Knight Rises.

The 411 for Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

The story Batman returns to Gotham after eight years of retirement
Appropriateness for children It’s OK for children, but there are some profanity, intense action scenes, and implied sex
  • Great hero story
  • Surprising revelations caught me off guard
  • Nice special effects
  • It’s stunning in IMAX (no 3D as far as I know)
  • Batman is missing in most of the scenes
  • The villain is a little hard to understand at times
Release date July 20, 2012
Rating Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, some sensuality and language
Runtime 164 minutes
Genre Drama, action

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