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The 411 on the Costco Auto Program

Costco Auto Program

I recently bought a new car because my previous vehicle was totaled in a car accident last year (it was the other driver’s fault). My wife and I checked out various cars at the dealerships. When we decided on a Toyota Rav4, we signed up for the Costco Auto Program. It’s a free service that makes it easy for members to get a low price on new and used cars. All you have to do is go online, select the vehicle you want, and then fill out a short web form. Then a dealer will contact you and provide you with the exclusive prearranged Costco member price for the vehicle you choose. The price we got was over $2000 less than the MSRP (including destination fee). However, we found the same model advertised online at another dealership for about $1300 less than Costco’s price.

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The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Top Gear Trucks DVD Review

The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Top Gear Trucks

My kids and I recently watched The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Top Gear Trucks DVD. The kids and I have never seen Chuck before. The show kinda reminds me of the vehicle characters in Bob the Builder. The big difference is that the shows don’t revolve around a construction project. In my opinion, Chuck is one of those shows that young kids will love (even my ten-year old son seems a bit interested). The Adventures Of Chuck And Friends: Top Gear Trucks (Shout! Factory Kids and Hasbro Studios) is available now on DVD. It has a list price of $12.97.

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Holiday Gift Idea – Turbo Blu-ray Combo Pack

Turbo Blu-ray - Twentieth Century Fox and DreamWorks Animation

I watched the Turbo Blu-ray with my kids over the weekend. We actually saw this film at the theater last summer (theatrical review). It’s also the same title I’m giving away on my dad blog. The animated film is about a snail who dreams about winning the Indy 500. The movie is predictable, but it’s also very entertaining and would make an excellent holiday gift for kids. Turbo (DreamWorks Animation and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment) is available now on Blu-ray and DVD. Continue reading to learn seven things about the Turbo Blu-ray Combo Pack.

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6 Things You Should Know About the Disney's Planes Movie

Disney's Planes

My daughter and I saw an early screening of Disney’s Planes film earlier in the week. The animated movie is about a crop duster who dares to dream about competing in a race around the world. My daughter and I enjoyed the movie, and I think kids who love the Cars films will also like Disney’s Planes, which opens today. Continue reading for the full movie review of Disney Planes.

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Mattel, Monster.com and Frito-Lay Giveaway Winners

Good afternoon, dads and moms. It’s Memorial Day weekend. It’s dry currently, so I have to do more yard work. It never ends! Anyway, I have three winner announcements today. First, here are the current open giveaways on my giveaway blog:

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Movie Review: Fast and Furious 6 – racing to number 7

Fast and Furious 6 | Universal Pictures

My oldest son and I saw an early screening of Fast and Furious 6 last week. We loved it! There is a lot action, mayhem, and car chases. The movie is entertaining and there is excellent chemistry between the main characters. The sixth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise stars Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, and Paul Walker. Fast and Furious 6 (Universal Pictures) opens in theaters today (May 24th). Continue reading for the full review.

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Review and Giveaway ~ Barney: Planes, Trains & Cars DVD

Barney: Planes, Trains & Cars DVD ~ Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment

Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment sent me the Barney: Planes, Trains & Cars DVD for review and giveaway on my dad blog. My toddler likes Barney, but he doesn’t love Barney. However, my son loves Barney: Planes, Trains & Cars. He insists on watching it again and again. Barney: Planes, Trains & Cars DVD is available now on DVD, digital download and on-demand. The 79-minute DVD has a list price of $14.98, but you can currently purchase it on Amazon for $13.48.

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Hot Wheels Hammerhead Review and Giveaway

Mattel sent my son their new Hot Wheels car toy. It’s called the Hammerhead and was designed by NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt, Jr. The Hammerhead, which is one of Earnhardt Jr.’s nicknames, features classic ’50s hot rod looks with edgy ’60s muscle car styling. It’s a pretty neat car. Not only does it look cool and durable, but the car also has awesome colors — black and orange (the colors of my school and Halloween). In addition to the car, Mattel has also launched a new kids clothing line that features the Hammerhead car. The new Hammerhead Hot Wheels ($1.09 suggested retail price) and clothing line ($7-$12.99) is available exclusively at Wal-Mart stores nationwide. Read on to find out how to win the new Hot Wheels toy and clothes.

Mattel Hot Wheels Hammerhead car toy ~ Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

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M&M’s Racing Giveaway – win a $150 gift card

M&M’s Racing (Facebook) is giving away five Toyotas in their new 5 Characters, 5 Cars Sweepstakes. And because kids, dads, and moms love M&M’s, they are also giving away some personalized M&M’s and a $150 gift card on my dad blog. You can use the gift card to purchase something cool for your car. Or if you really love M&M’s, you could buy $150 worth of M&M’s. Just don’t eat them all at once.

M&M'S Racing

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Check My Ride Giveaway – Win $200 in Gas Cards

I’m giving away $200 in gas cards on my blog! Today’s giveaway is sponsored by Check My Ride (Facebook | Twitter), which is a website created by Experian Automotive (provider of AutoCheck vehicle history reports). Anyone can can create a free profile on Check My Ride and share their vehicle history and car stories.

My first car was a Plymouth Valiant. It wasn’t cool, but at least I had a car to drive when I was in college. The first car I was proud to own was an Eagle Talon. Now that was a sporty car. It’s too bad I don’t have the VIN numbers for my old cars. Then I could use the Where in the World is my Car tool to find out where my old cars are. I did use the tool to check up on my current car:

My Toyota Camry at Oregon Health Science University (OHSU)

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