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Book Pig Giveaway Winner

The winners of the Book Pig Giveaway are Nicole, Melissa, and Melanie. If you didn’t win, feel free to enter the other giveaways on my dad blog:

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Book Pig Book Club for Children – Win a Gift Certificate

This week’s giveaway is brought to you by Book Pig, which is a Netflix-style book rental club for children. The online children’s book club offers a convenient and inexpensive way for dads and moms to help their kids read more. Book Pig is a cheaper alternate to bookstores for dads and moms. For instance, if your kids read 15 books this summer, the books will cost about $105 (based on an average retail price of $7 per book). With Book Pig, the cost is only $36 to rent the 15 books (5 books a month at $12 per month for three months). You can check out books for free at libraries, but with Book Pig there are no wait lists and late fees. Thanks to Book Pig, I’m giving away three $40 gift certificates on my dad blog.

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