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PUNK Wireless Speaker – giveaway and holiday gift idea

Sol Republic PUNK Wireless Speaker in 3 colors

Thanksgiving is two weeks away and soon the Christmas season will begin. Actually, many retailers have already been running Christmas specials. Speaking of Christmas, I have a great holiday gift idea — the PUNK wireless speaker. Sol Republic sent me a unit for review on my dad blog and I can tell you it is awesome. I think music lovers will love the PUNK portable speaker. It uses Bluetooth technology to stream music from your mobile device to the speaker. It sounds great. Continue reading to find out how you can win the PUNK wireless speaker.

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Teleflora, Jawbone, Candle Warmers Giveaway Winners

Three winner announcements today (Teleflora, Jawbone, and Candle Warmers giveaways). If you didn’t win, feel free to enter the other giveaways on my dad blog:

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Jawbone ICON Bluetooth Headset Father’s Day Giveaway

Aliph sent me two Jawbone ICON Bluetooth headsets. One to play with and one to give away on my dad blog. A Jawbone ICON Bluetooth headset would be a cool gift for Father’s Day. It’s a nice way to give dad an extra hand (get it?) The wireless headset would also be a useful present. Jawbone (Facebook | Twitter) helps busy dads multi-task by letting them talk hands-free when they are doing things like driving the kids to practice, talking to someone at the office, or performing open-heart surgery. The intelligent Jawbone ICON also lets dad listen to music, podcasts, audio books, and turn-by-turn GPS driving directions, all while keeping both hands on the wheel (note: it’s illegal to use a cell phone while driving without a hands-free device in Oregon and other states).

Rogue Jawbone ICON Bluetooth headset

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