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Holiday Gift Guide – Books Edition

Last week, I put together a DVD movies gift guide. This week, I decided to put together a list of books that would appeal to many dads, moms, and kids.

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DC Comics Encyclopedia, Marvel Encyclopedia, Marvel Avengers: The Ultimate Character Guide

Superhero Guides
If your children love superheroes, then they will also love the three superhero guides below. We purchased the DC Comics and Marvel encyclopedias a couple of years ago and they are getting a little beat up because my seven-year old son looks at them all the time. Plus he treats his books like he treats his baby brother — Rough with a capital R. Recently, my son checked out the Avengers guide at the library and likes it too, but there is a lot of overlap between the Avengers guide and the Marvel Encyclopedia. These three superhero guides feature pictures and interesting facts about superheroes and supervillains. I highly recommend the DC and Marvel encyclopedias. And if you don’t want to shell out the bucks for those two books, I would suggest going with the less expensive Avengers guide.

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Holiday Gift Guide – DVD Edition

I’m sure many kids will find Disney’s A Christmas Carol, Toy Story 3, Despicable Me, and How to Train Your Dragon DVD’s in their stockings. That’s why I decided to highlight some movies my kids like that many dads and moms may not have heard of. So if you’re looking for something a little different to stuff in a stocking, check out my DVD list below (categories: Superhero | Bakugan | Ben 10 | Bionicle/Hero Factory).

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My Little Tomboy

When I feel like punishing myself, I take my children to Target to check out the toys. There’s nothing more fun for a dad than having your children ask you to buy one toy after another. When that doesn’t work, the kids change their tactics and start telling me what toys they want for Christmas and their birthdays. They don’t really need to tell me. I know them well enough to figure out what they like. But the Little Monkey did surprise me. Take a look at what my youngest daughter wants for Christmas:

My little girl with a Bakugan toy at Target
My little girl with a Bakugan toy - tomboy

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