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Holiday Gift Idea: The Snow Queen DVD

The Snow Queen | Vertical Entertainment

Vertical Entertainment sent me the Snow Queen DVD for review on my movie blog. The animated film is about a girl who tries to rescue her brother from the evil Snow Queen. This is one of those family-oriented films that kids will enjoy more than adults. I thought it was OK, but my children really liked it. The Snow Queen (Wizart Animation) is available now on DVD and video on demand (VOD). Continue reading to learn five things about Snow Queen.

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Epic Blu-ray Combo Pack Review

Epic Blu-ray Combo Pack Review

This is part two of Epic Tuesday on my dad blog. I’m running an Epic Blu-ray giveaway in part one. In this blog post, I’m reviewing the Epic Blu-ray Combo Pack. As I mentioned previously, my kids and I love this animated film and have seen it twice already. BTW, Epic is available now on Blu-ray Combo Pack, Deluxe Edition Blu-ray, and DVD.

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Epic Giveaway – win the Blu-ray combo pack

Epic Blu-ray Combo Pack | Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

This part one of a three-part series for Epic Tuesday on my dad blog. Thanks to Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, I’m giving away the Epic Blu-ray Combo Pack. Epic is a story about the battle between good (Leaf Men) and evil (Boggans). My kids and I have seen the animated film twice already (once at the theater [review] and again last weekend). We love it. BTW, Epic is available now on Blu-ray Combo Pack, Deluxe Edition Blu-ray, and DVD.

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Movie Review: Escape from Planet Earth

Escape from Planet Earth film ~ The Weinstein Company

My youngest daughter (age seven) and I saw Escape from Planet Earth (The Weinstein Company). The animated movie is about an alien astronaut who comes to Earth because of a SOS signal. But instead of rescuing someone, the alien ends up getting captured. My daughter loved the film. I enjoyed it too, but I think this is one of those movies that children will enjoy more than parents will. Escape from Planet Earth is out in theaters now.

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Film Review: Hotel Transylvania – best animated movie of the year

Hotel Transylvania ~ Sony Pictures Animation

The kids and I saw an early screening of Hotel Transylvania (Sony Pictures Animation) last weekend. We loved it. Hotel Transylvania is the best animated movie I’ve seen this year. It was entertaining and funny. In my opinion, the whole family will enjoy this film. And even though the main characters are monsters, the film isn’t scary — my kids (ages seven and nine) didn’t flinch once. Hotel Transylvania opens in theaters today.

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Movie Review: ParaNorman – fun for kids, parents, and zombies

ParaNorman movie ~ Laika Studio

Two of my kids and I saw a screening of ParaNorman (Laika) last night. Laika is the studio that created Coraline. I enjoyed the movie, and loved the 3D stop-motion animation. My kids loved the movie too and giggled throughout the film. ParaNorman opens in theaters today. Below is a quick summary of the film. Continue reading for the full movie review of ParaNorman.

The 411 for ParaNorman

The story A boy has to stop a witch from raising the dead
Appropriateness for children It’s a fun movie for children, but there are a couple of mildly tense scenes
  • Lot of laughs
  • Great 3D stop-motion animation effects
  • Witch and zombies storyline
  • Dragged a little at times
Release date August 17, 2012
Rating Rated PG for scary action and images, thematic elements, some rude humor and language
Runtime 93 minutes
Genre Animation, comedy

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So that's how they made Norman in the ParaNorman movie

Making Norman video ~ ParaNorman, ~ LAIKA Studios

The kids and I can’t wait until ParaNorman [Facebook | Twitter] opens in theaters on August 17th. When it comes to ParaNorman, I’m a little bias for a couple of reasons. First, the 3D stop-motion animation was made in the Portland area. Unlike LA, a lot of films are not made in our city. The second reason I’m high on ParaNorman is because my daughter and I went on a tour at LAIKA Studios a few months ago, and we got a behind-the-scenes look at ParaNorman. BTW, LAIKA is also the animation studio that created Coraline.

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Movie Review ~ Ice Age: Continental Drift

Ice Age: Continental Drift ~ 20th Century Fox

I saw a movie screening of Ice Age: Continental Drift with two of my kids last weekend. My kids loved the film. However, my nine-year old son didn’t think it was as funny as Madagascar 3. Ice Age 4 (20th Century Fox) opens in theaters today. Below is a quick summary of the film. Continue reading for the full movie review of Ice Age: Continental Drift.

The 411 for Ice Age 4

The story Manny, Diego, and Sid are separated from the herd after their continent breaks into multiple parts
Appropriateness for children Some action scenes are mildly intense
3D effects Decent
  • Fun for the kids
  • Scrat is still funny
  • Wanda Sykes is excellent
  • The characters are getting a little stale
Release date July 13, 2012
Rating Rated PG for mild rude humor and action/peril
Runtime 94 minutes
Genre Animation, comedy, adventure

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A behind-the-scenes look at ParaNorman – coming soon to a theater near you

ParaNorman 3D stop-motion animation film ~ LAIKA Studios

My oldest daughter and I were invited to a tour of LAIKA Studios about six weeks ago. LAIKA is the animation studio that created Coraline. LAIKA’s next movie is ParaNorman (Focus Features), which opens in theaters this summer (August 17th). My daughter and I got a behind-the-scenes tour for the production of ParaNorman [Facebook | Twitter]. All production on ParaNorman took place in a huge, 151,140-square foot building in Hillsboro, Oregon. A large space was needed because ParaNorman had a crew of over 320 designers, artists, animators and technicians. At any given time during the shoot, there were 52 separate shooting units.

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DVD Review: Luke and Lucy & The Texas Rangers Will Make Your Kids Laugh

The kids and I received a review copy of the Luke and Lucy & The Texas Rangers DVD. If you have not heard of the movie, welcome to the club. The first time I heard about the movie was when the Phase 4 Films team contacted me. The animated film is about two siblings (Luke and Lucy) and their quest to help the Texas Rangers. It’s based on the Suske en Wiske Dutch comic book. Luke and Lucy features the voice of Billy Ray Cyrus. The 88-minute DVD has a list price of $19.99 (Amazon is currently selling Luke and Lucy & The Texas Rangers for $15.99 — Blu-ray is also available for $15.49). My kids and I watched the movie over the weekend and we loved it. Read on for the full movie review.

Luke and Lucy & The Texas Rangers DVD

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