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Monster Mash

This is one of those good news, bad news post.

Bad news: we lost power yesterday evening.

Good news: power was out for less than two hours.

Bad news: it was annoying having to reset all the electronics afterwards.

Good news for me: I finished editing my Halloween video on Saturday.

Bad news for you: I get to torment my readers with another video. You’re welcome.

That’s one of the fun part of being a dad — making fun videos of the kids (and eating their Halloween candy when they are asleep). One of these days, the kids will be embarrassed by the videos. But right now, the videos make my kids laugh their little heads off.

Monster Mash (2008)

Addams Family (2007)
[removed by YouTube]

I am Woman

Trouble from Chicago started a rumor about me. On her blog, Trouble called me a mommy blogger. I am not a mommy blogger. I’m a man and a daddy blogger. So what if I use to own a neon pink bike. I thought my bike was cool. And so what if I own a Helen Reddy CD. That doesn’t make me a woman. Maybe a sissy, but not a woman. Speaking of Helen Reddy, isn’t I am Woman one of the greatest song ever? And no, this still doesn’t make me a woman.

I also want to go on record to say my son really is a boy and not a girl. I have no idea why some people might think he’s a girl:

[removed by YouTube]

My son the fairy

Addams Family Forever

Can you believe it, Halloween is only 16 days away and until today, I have not written a single Halloween post. Halloween is the best holiday of the year. I know you all agree with me. You would have to be insane not to like Halloween. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of you have even written letters to lawmakers to make Halloween a month-long paid holiday. I have. I could use the money and could also use the time off because Fall is the busiest time of the year for me. I really need to talk to the boss about my work load, but I’m self-employed and I’m crazy enough to fire myself.

While my wife was out of town, I let the Little Princess dress up in Halloween costumes. She had a blast and so did I. Did I mention Halloween is the best holiday in the world? Well, it is. The Little Princess likes Halloween almost as much as I do. Check out her video. I used the theme song from the Addams Family. They are my kind of family. I wish our family could be as spooky as the Addams Family. That would be so cool.

[removed by YouTube]

Ring Around the Rosie

Thanks everyone for your support, warm wishes, and hugs. I appreciate it. Now, back to something light — like a video of my two youngest kids.

The video is one of my favorites because it captures a rare moment when Spiderboy and the Little Monkey are playing well together. Usually, Spiderboy is chasing after the Little Monkey because she took one of his super hero toys. It’s a bit funny watching him chase after his sister because my wife told him to ask for the toy back instead of ripping it out of his sister’s hands. Now, he screams at the Little Monkey. “PLEASE!!! PLEASE! I said PLEASE! Give it back to me! OK, no friend!Well, because you asked so nicely, of course you can have your toy back. BTW, “no friend” means they can’t be friends anymore — as if they were buddies to begin with.

Happy Birthday Little Monkey

Dear Little Monkey,

Little Monkey and her elephantHappy birthday! Daddy’s little girl turns two today. Sadly, I still don’t know you well. You are the one I spend the least time with and the one I know least of all. But I’m trying. I really am. It’s just that your big brother is making it very difficult for you and I to bond. It seems like your brother attaches to me every time daddy has a free limb. I know, it’s just an excuse and I need to make time for you. I’m sorry and I will try harder.

You adore your big sister. Sometimes you even snuggle with her on the sofa. When it’s time to go to sleep, you even insist big sister come along too. How cute. Too bad you don’t seem to feel the same way about your big brother. Sometimes, you hug your brother. Mommy and daddy think that’s adorable. However, when you are near your brother, you’re more likely to smack him than hug him. Sometimes you hit because your brother won’t let you play with something, but most of the time, you hit for no reason at all. I hope you outgrow this phase soon…like before you figure out where we hide the knives.

Little Monkey playing with a ballYou started talking when you were only 18 months old. Actually, you were more like a parrot. You repeated whatever words daddy said and you said them well. Daddy thought you were going to be brighter than your sister. Daddy was wrong. You are bright, but you still can’t speak clearly on your own like your sister did at the same age. That’s OK. I still love you.

Right now, you’re into the Care Bears. I’m not sure if you like Care Bear toys, but you love watching the Care Bears on DVD. For some reason, you don’t seem to care for the newer SGI Care Bears. You prefer the older Care Bears from their old TV show with their primitive audio. Do you have to watch it every day? You might as well pretend I’m your brother and smack me on the head a couple hundred times. Go ahead; smack me until I’m unconscious. Put me out of my misery.

Little Monkey and her fancy hairYour older sister was defective at your age. When she watched TV, she sat on the sofa like a doll on a shelf. Luckily, you’re like your brother. You two can’t sit still and both of you are always climbing on things and jumping. I’m surprise you have not broken a bone like your big brother did right before he turned two.

You are the dancer in the family. It doesn’t take much for you to start dancing. You hear a beat and off you go. Daddy use to think you got your dancing gene from mommy, but now I think you actually got that from me. Just like you, daddy dances spontaneously too. Mommy must not know all the latest, coolest dance moves because she keeps laughing at daddy. It isn’t easy being hip, is it?

You’re my girl and I promise to spend more time with you this year. I love you very much. Have a great birthday.

Daddy Forever

She Rocks to the Rolling Stones

Best Buy sent me The Biggest Bang DVD box set for review. Our little monkey loves it. She dances to the music and heads straight to the front like a die hard Rolling Stones fan. Check her out in this short video clip:

Rolling Stones - The Biggest BangI like the Rolling Stones, but have never been to one of their concerts. Watching their A Bigger Bang tour on DVD is not the same as going to the concert in person, but it’s probably the closest I will ever get to being at a Rolling Stones concert. This is one of those DVD where having a good sound system is essential. I played it on a TV with its itty bitty speakers and it didn’t sound so great. Then I played it on our big screen TV with digital surround sound. Awesome!

According to the information sent to me, A Bigger Bang, is the best selling concert tour of all time. The seven-hour Biggest Bang DVD box set features two full length concerts and includes two behind-the-scenes documentaries. [Question: Would I be considered a geek if I liked the documentaries? After seeing hundreds of people setup the concert, I can see why tickets are so expensive.]

The Biggest Bang will be available next Tuesday on June 12th for $29.99 exclusively at Best Buy in the United States. The Biggest Bang will be released internationally in mid-summer.

I was planning on giving away the box set to one of you, but my wife said she wants it. My wife, the queen of hip hop, is a closet Rolling Stones fan. After all these years of being together, I’m still learning something new about my wife. [Another Question: Can I count the DVD as a birthday present for my wife?]

Year of the Pig Ballet

A long, long time ago, people use to show off their kids with photo albums, slide shows, and home movies. Now we have blogs, Flickr, and YouTube. Before, parents could only infect a few people at a time. Now, thanks to broadband, parents can infect billions. Before, the contagious zone was just a few feet. Now, it’s global…maybe even exterrestrial.

As a parent, I also feel the need to infect my readers with photos and videos of my kids. Below is my latest video (1 minute 26 seconds). This time, I spliced together several clips and added a sound track. The sound track has a few bad spots because I pulled it from an old video tape.

When I was putting the video together, I couldn’t help but notice what it means to be Asian American…the blending of two cultures. In this case, the blending of the Chinese fire pig dance and ballet.

I am a Failure

my Halloween snowmanThat’s right, I am a failure. As you can see in the photo on the right, I do not have the ability to make a decent snowman. And making a decent snowman is something all dads are suppose to be able to do. It’s what defines a dad on a snow day. In my defense, I have to say that snow rarely sticks around here. The last time snow lasted more than a couple of hours was three years ago. So, it’s not like I get a lot of practice. To make matters worst, my wife’s snowgirl (below) is better than my Halloween snowman. Keep in mind that my snowman is at least five feet tall, while my wife’s snow munchkin is less than two feet tall. I should get points just for size.

my wife's snow munchkinI’ve learned a few things during these snow days. First, the school district administrators know less than I do about parenting. Otherwise, the district would have cancelled school in a timely manner instead right after the kids have arrived at school. It must have been a lot of fun contacting all the parents — especially the parents that have already left for work. And what do you say to the parents whose kids were stranded on a school bus because it got stuck in the snow? A real mess. In our case, our school bus didn’t even show up, which turned out to be a blessing.

I’ve also learned that if your SUV needs to be repaired in the winter, it’s a good idea to have it repaired right away. Otherwise, you will not have any transportation when you run out of milk and groceries. Then you will be forced to hike 20 miles up a mountain in a blizzard because you’re no longer allow to give beer to the kids as a milk substitute. And in the process of getting milk, you will be threatened by speeding 4×4’s, polar bears, and killer penguins. [Note to my kids in the future: Here’s proof that I really did hiked 20 miles up a mountain to get milk for you. I didn’t make up the story…because if it’s written in a blog, it has to be true.]

You know what else I learned these last few days? Spiderboy thinks mommy is in charge. Listen to the video below and hear for yourself. Sorry for the low resolution; I didn’t notice my camera was set at low-res video until it was too late.

Did you hear it? I told Spiderboy he couldn’t go down the slide, so he asked mommy instead. I’m at the center of my son’s universe, so why would he think mommy is in charge? It goes back to the snowman. I’m a failure.

Santa Boy Returns

Santa Boy has returned and he’s disrespecting a couple of super heroes. The odd thing is that I didn’t teach him that song. I have no idea where he learned that version from. The video is only eight seconds:

My son also sings another version of Happy Birthday. It goes like this, “Happy Birthday to you. You live in a zoo. You look like a monkey and smell like one too.” I think he learned this version from the movie, Madagascar. The problem is, my son sings the zoo version at real birthday parties…at other people’s houses. It’s funny, but a little embarrassing too.