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Part-time Dad, Part-time Marriage Ref

Being a dad of four young kids is very much like being a marriage ref. At times, the children bicker with each other like some married couples. Then you have to settle their arguments. Of course, the kids each have their own version about what happened and you have to sort out the facts from the exaggerations. Luckily, the times when they act like soulmates more than make up for the times when you daydream about life before you had kids.

We’re best friends forever
little sister and big brother in a happy moment

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The Crazy Things Dads Do

My kids hate it when Little Disney pulls out his feeding tube because they know I tend to do crazy dad things when that happens — like insist on taking photos of all the children together. For some strange reason, I like taking a photograph of the toddler when he doesn’t have something sticking out of his nose. I’m crazy that way. The kids better watch out because I might do something even crazier — like kiss and hug them. And if I mutate into a completely loony dad, I might even tell the kids something crazy like I love them.

Easter photo of the children (ages nine, six, four, one)

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Life is One Big Blur

I know other dads and moms have said this many time, but life is one big blur. It seems like the school year just started and now it’s already spring break. In less than three months, the school year will be over and my oldest girl will turn into a drama tween. And in less than six months, my youngest daughter will turn five, start kindergarten, and accidentally blow up the school.

When I was a geeky kid, the school year crawled along at impulse power. Now that I’m a dad, life zooms along at warp speed. Anyone out there know how to slow down the daddy ship without blowing up the warp engines?

My Little Princess morphing into a drama tween — please wish me luck
my daughter the big blur

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St. Patrick’s Day 2010

Dads and moms, don’t forget to dress your little ones in green on St. Patrick’s Day. You don’t want anyone pinching your kids, do you? Wait, maybe you shouldn’t answer that question. After all, dads and moms do have the right to not incriminate themselves. Have a fun Saint Patrick’s Day everyone!

The two little ones in a playful St. Paddy’s Day moment
Saint Patrick's Day - my son (age one) and girl (age four)

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Dairy Free, Egg Free Birthday Cake

The Little Monkey and I baked Little Disney a birthday cake on Saturday (his birthday was last Wednesday, but he was sick and didn’t stop vomiting until Saturday). Because my son is allergic to eggs and dairy, we used Duncan Hines cake mix and frosting. Unlike Betty Crocker, some of the Duncan Hines cake mixes and frosting do not contain milk. In place of eggs, we used Ener-G Egg Replacer (free of gluten, wheat, casein, dairy, egg, yeast, soy, nut, low protein, rice). I bought the Ener-G Egg Replacer at Whole Foods, but you also order it from Amazon if you can’t find it. BTW, everyone carry Betty Crocker cake mixes and frosting, but only a handful of stores carry Duncan Hines cake mixes and frosting. And when the stores do stock them, they only carry a few flavors (why do they stock lemon cake mix, but not lemon frosting?).

Dairy Free, Egg Free Birthday Cake - Duncan Hines and Ener-G Egg Replacer

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Baby Turns One

Little Disney turns one on Wednesday (March 3rd). He had a rough first year [H1N1; seizures; food allergies: milk, eggs, peanuts, tomatoes, and shrimp; Failure To Thrive (FTT) Syndrome; severe eczema (his skin is rough like a lizard and he scratches himself bloody); and acid reflux]. Hopefully his second year will be much better.

On the positive side, Little Disney started walking a month ago. And thanks to the feeding tube, he’s now in the 25th percentile (weight). Unfortunately, he still doesn’t eat and the doctor won’t take him off the IV until he’s in the 50th percentile (will probably take another year – ugggh).

Happy Birthday, Little Disney! Daddy and mommy loves you very much.

This is how I sit
toddler (age one) sitting

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Her Batman Dollhouse

The outlaws gave my kids some goodluck money (red envelopes) for Chinese New Year. Take a look at the dollhouse my daughter bought with her money.

my daughter playing with the Fisher-Price Super Friends Batcave

It’s a Fisher-Price Super Friends Batcave. And no, this dad wasn’t there to help her pick out the Batman playset. My wife tried to encourage the Little Monkey to pick a less expensive Kai-lan or Dora girly toy, but my little girl refused.

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