The Space Between Us Blu-ray Review

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The Space Between Us | Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

The Space Between Us is a light drama with a touch of romance and sci-fi. It’s about a human boy born on Mars who returns to Earth. He hooks up with his penpal girlfriend and goes on a quest to find his father. It’s essentially a coming-of-age story about a boy who grew up in a sheltered environment and a girl that doesn’t quite fit in at school. Even though I was expecting a sci-fi story, I still enjoyed the movie because I liked the interaction between the two main characters. The Space Between Us is available now on digital HD and will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on May 16th. Note: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment sent me a movie for review on my dad blog.

Mission to Mars

The story starts off with a mission to colonize Mars. The mission is led by the charismatic Sarah Elliot. Two months into the mission, Sarah discovers she’s pregnant. It’s too late to turn around, so Sarah and the rest of the astronauts continue on their journey to Mars. Shortly after they arrive, Sarah dies while giving birth to Gardner. The story then flash forward 16 years. Gardner has been living on the Mars colony his entire life. He longs to visit Earth and to find the father he has never met. The company in charge of the Mars colony eventually agrees to let Gardner return to Earth.

The Space Between Us | Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Boys are from Mars, Girls are from Venus

While on Earth, Gardner runs aways and meets up with a girl (Tulsa) he had been corresponding with while he was on Mars. This is when the story turns a little romantic. Their relationship is a little awkward at first — especially since Gardner lived a very sheltered life on Mars and Tulsa doesn’t really believe he’s from Mars. But while they try to find Gardner’s father, they fall in love with each other even though they are from two different worlds.

The Space Between Us | Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

The Cast

Asa Butterfield (Gardner Elliot) and Britt Robertson (Tulsa) are the two main actors in the story. I don’t they will win any awards for their acting, but I think they did enough to make their scenes together enjoyable to watch. Gary Oldman (Nathaniel Shepherd) and Carla Gugino (Kendra Wyndham) also had big parts in the film. Other cast members include Janet Montgomery (Sarah Elliot), Trey Tucker (Harrison Lane), Scott Takeda (Dr. Gary Loh), Adande ‘Swoozie’ Thorne (Scott Hubbard), Sarah Minnich (reporter), Ryan Jason Cook (control room technician), BD Wong (Tom Chen), Lauren Myers (Alice Myers), Morse Bicknell (NASA executive), Beth Bailey (NASA chief doctor), Peter Chelsom (Centaur), Carla Gugino (Kendra Wyndham), and William Sterchi (debate moderator). The Space Between Us was directed by Peter Chelsom.

The Space Between Us | Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Special Features

The Blu-ray Combo Pack includes the 121-minute film in Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD formats. In addition, it includes some bonus features:

  • Alternate Ending
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Love Featurette – an inside look, with the cast and filmmakers, at the themes of the film, highlighting the one theme that connects us all — Love
  • Feature Commentary with Director Peter Chelsom (only on Blu-Ray and DVD)

The Space Between Us Synopsis

Sixteen-year-old Gardner Elliot (Butterfield) is the first human born on Mars, living his whole life with a team of scientists on the red planet. He’s always longed to see Earth to find the father he’s never known and to meet a beautiful street smart girl named Tulsa (Robertson) he encountered online. But when his chance finally comes, doctors discover his heart can’t withstand the Earth’s atmosphere. Eager to find his father, Gardner and Tulsa escape on a cross-country race against time to unravel the mysteries of how he came to be and where he belongs in the universe. See the heartfelt and inspiring romantic adventure about how far one person can go for love.

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