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A League of Their Own | Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is re-releasing A League of Their Own on Blu-ray on April 18th. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched this movie. I liked it 25 years ago, and I still think it’s excellent after watching it again recently. The story is about two sisters joining the first women baseball team. It’s a humorous drama, but I think most parents will appreciate the underlying message that women can live their dream.

The Story

The story takes place during the second world war. The men have gone to war and baseball has been shut down. So the owner of a big candy company starts the world’s first women baseball league. Two of the players are Dottie and Kit. Dottie is a star player that everyone loves. On the other hand, Kit wants to be a star but she finds it difficult living in the big shadow of our her older sister Dottie. In the mix is Jimmy Dugan. He’s a former baseball star. But now he’s a drunk and the general manager of the team Dottie and Kit play for. A League of Their Own is fictional, but revolves around the real-life All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL).

Women Empowerment

The movie is about a women’s baseball team, but it’s also about their struggles to live their dream. As you can imagine, a girls baseball league didn’t sit to well with the sexist public back in the 40’s. The female players were laughed at and made fun of. They were also forced to wear dresses when they played. But even after putting up with all that, the young women found themselves dealing with the possible ending of their short career because of low attendance. But the women hung in there and prevailed. They got to live their dream. Even though the characters are fictional, I think the story of A League of Their Own is inspiring. It tells women that they can overcome the obstacles in their lives and dreams can come true.

The Cast

Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, and Lori Petty are the stars of the movie. Tom Hanks played the part of Jimmy Dugan, the team’s general manager. He’s despicable at first, but he grows on you (my favorite line is “there’s no crying in baseball”). Geena Davis played the part of Dottie Hinson, the star of the women baseball league. Lori Petty played the part of Kit Keller, younger sister of Dottie. One of my favorite actor in the film is Jon Lovitz. He’s a scout in the story. His part was short, but he’s pretty funny in the few scenes he’s in. Other cast members include Madonna (Mae Mordabito), Rosie O’Donnell (Doris Murphy), Megan Cavanagh (Marla Hooch), Tracy Reiner (Betty ‘Betty Spaghetti’ Horn), Bitty Schram (Evelyn Gardner), Ann Cusack (Shirley Baker), Anne Ramsay (Helen Haley), Freddie Simpson (Ellen Sue Gotlander), Renée Coleman (Alice Gaspers), Robin Knight (Beans Babbitt), Patti Pelton (Marbleann Wilkenson), and Kelli Simpkins (Beverly Dixon). A League of Their Own was directed by Penny Marshall.

Bonus Features

The 25th Anniversary Edition includes the 128-minute movie in Blu-ray and digital HD (Ultraviolet) formats. In addition, the 25th Anniversary Edition includes a bunch of special features:

  • Brand new feature: Bentonville, Baseball & The Enduring Legacy of A League of Their Own
  • 15 deleted scenes
  • Nine-part documentary featuring interviews with the cast and filmmakers
  • Madonna music video: This Used To Be My Playground
  • Filmmaker commentary
  • Theatrical trailer

A League of Their Own Synopsis

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of this hilarious and beloved comedy starring Tom Hanks, Geena Davis and Madonna. Hanks stars as Jimmy Dugan, a washed-up ballplayer whose big league days are over. Hired to coach in the All-American Girls Baseball League of 1943 — while the male pros are at war — Dugan finds himself drawn back into the game by the hearts and heroics of his all-girl team, led by the indomitable Dottie Hinson (Davis). Lori Petty, Rosie O’Donnell and Jon Lovitz round out the all-star roster. Based on the true story of the pioneering women who blazed the trail for generations of athletes.

More info: A League of Their Own Blu-ray

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