Ghostbusters Boo It Forward

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Ghostbusters is available now on Blu-ray and DVD. To help promote the release, Walmart, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Mars, Wrigley and Kellogg’s are teaming up for the annual Boo It Forward campaign. The idea is to make a bundle of goodies, and then secretly deliver it to someone. The recipient then plays it forward by putting together their own little treat bundle and secretly giving it to someone else.


Sony sent us a kit to give away. It included some candies and the rebooted Ghostbusters movie (too bad they didn’t send me the film too!). I secretly place the kit by the door of our new neighbor. We have not met yet, but I’m sure they will enjoy their little surprise. It would be funny if they secretly gave us a kit right back. Boo It Forward, everyone!

More info: Ghostbusters Blu-ray


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  1. (Ghostbusters Boo It Forward) This is one movie that I didn’t have the chance to go and see in the movie theater. I have been wanting to see it now for sometime.

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