Ice Girls DVD Review – it’s not just an ice skating story

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Ice Girls is a movie about two ice skaters. They start out as friends, but soon become intense rivals because only one of them can go to the national skating competition. Even though the story has an ice skating setting, the film is actually about balancing friendship and following your dream. The PG-rated Ice Girls is available now on DVD (includes digital HD). Note: Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment sent me a movie for review on my blog. As always, the opinions expressed are mine and I am not obligated to write a positive review.

Winning vs Friendship

Mattie is a 15-year old skater. The story starts off with Mattie competing in a regional competition. She’s the favorite to advance to sectionals. But she falls and hurts her leg. Meanwhile, her mother loses her job and the family is forced to relocate. In her new city, Mattie meets another skater, Heather. They hit it off right away and quickly becomes friends. But then Heather finds out Mattie will be competing against her at the sectionals. At this point, their friendship turns into an intense and very unfriendly rivalry. But at the same time, both of them feel conflicted about winning at the cost of their friendship.

Features Skating Stars Elvis Stojko and Tessa Virtue

The 91-minute stars Michaela du Toit as Mattie. Other cast members include, Taylor Hunsley (Heather), Elvis Stojko (Mercury), Lara Daans (Kelly), Natasha Henstridge (Rose), Arcadia Kendal (Emma), Tessa Virtue (Tessa), Brenna Coates (Pat), Murray Furrow (Jerry), Shane Harte (Darcy), Sandy Jobin-Bevans (Louis), Sheila McCarthy (Aunt Ginger), Olivia Solo (Portia), Sandra Battaglini (ticket taker) and Michael Cleland (spectator). Ice Girls was directed by Damian Lee.

Ice Girls Synopsis

Fifteen-year-old aspiring figure skating champion Mattie Dane is forced to put her dreams on ice after a bad fall during a tournament — and her mother’s decision to relocate the family to a new town. But a chance encounter with the owner of a local skating rink ultimately rekindles Mattie’s passion to compete and sets up an intense rivalry with a talented classmate who’ll stop at nothing to win. Featuring legendary skating stars Elvis Stojko and Tessa Virtue, Ice Girls is an uplifting underdog tale that will leave you cheering!

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