Open Season: Scared Silly Blu-ray Review

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Open Season: Scared Silly

The fourth installment of Open Season will be released on Tuesday. The latest title is called Open Season: Scared Silly, which is a little more original than adding 2 and 3 after Open Season like the other two sequels. In Scared Silly, which is rated PG, Elliot decides to scare the fear out of Boog. I thought this was a bit ironic because I don’t think Elliot is brave either. I thought the animated film was a OK, but my kids love the movie. They thought it was really funny. Open Season is one of those series children will like more than adults will. Open Season: Scared Silly will be available on Blu-ray, DVD and digital HD on Tuesday, March 8th. BTW, I received a Blu-ray for review on my dad blog.

Open Season 4

As I mentioned previously, Open Season: Scared Silly is the fourth movie in the series. In the first movie, we’re introduced to the two main characters: Boog the grizzly bear and Elliot the one-antlered deer. Boog is essentially a domestic bear. He lives a pampered life with a park ranger. Because of a couple of bad incidents, Boog is released back into the wild. Boog doesn’t have any outdoor skills, so he relies on Elliot for help and they eventually become best friends.

Wailing Wampus Werewolf

In Scared Silly, Elliot tells a story about the Wailing Wampus Werewolf that lives in the forest. After seeing how scared Boog became, Elliot decides to scare the fear out of Boog. But his plan backfires when his fake werewolf attracts a hunter, Shaw, into the forest. Because of incidents in the previous Open Season films, Shaw doesn’t like Boog and Elliot. So in this story Shaw pretends to be on the hunt for the werewolf, but his real goal is to find and kill Boog and Elliot.

New Cast Again

I’m not sure why, but there appears to be a different pair of voices for the two main characters in each of the Open Season movies. In the first film, Martin Lawrence provided the voice for Boog, while Ashton Kutcher voiced Elliot. In this fourth installment, Donny Lucas is Boog, and William Townsend is Elliot (he also voiced Mr. Weenie). Other voice talents included Melissa Sturm (Giselle), Trevor Devall (Shaw), Garry Chalk (Ed), Kathleen Barr (Edna / Bobbie), Lorne Cardinal (Sheriff Gordy), and Shannon Chan-Kent (Rosie). Open Season: Scared Silly was directed by David Feiss.

Bonus Features

The 85-minute animated movie includes the special features below. Note: Digital Extras are only available with iTunes Extras and Vudu Extras.

  • Stepping into the Spotlight – Mr. Weenie’s Process (Blu-ray and Digital HD only)
  • Blooper and outtakes (Blu-ray and Digital HD only)
  • Scaredy Pants: The Fears of Open Season: Scared Silly (Blu-ray and Digital HD only)
  • Open Season Super Speedy Re-Cap
  • Feature Audio Commentary with Director David Feiss and Writer Carlos Kotkin (Blu-ray and DVD only)
  • Director profile – David Feiss

Open Season: Scared Silly Synopsis

Boog and Elliot are back in an all-new fun-tastic adventure. When Elliot tells a campfire story of a monster in the woods, Boog — who has never been the bravest of bears — becomes very scared. His best friend Elliot comes up with a crazy plan to scare the fear out of Boog. With the help of Mr. Weenie, McSquizzy and the rest of their forest friends, they embark on a memorable journey where the power of friendship helps Boog overcome his fears with lots of laughs and some surprises along the way.

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