6 Things About Zootopia


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The kids and I saw an early screening of Zootopia on Monday. The new animated film from Walt Disney Animation Studio is about a society where animals from every environment live together in harmony. But the peace is shattered when some of the animals disappear without a trace. The kids and I loved the movie. The story was good, it was funny, and the main characters were very likable. I think Zootopia is going to be a big hit with both kids and adults alike. Zootopia opens in theaters today. Continue reading to learn six things about Zootopia.

Six Things About Zootopia

  1. A bunny wants to be a cop
    The main character is a bunny rabbit from Bunnyburrow named Judy Hopps. Ever since she was very young, she wanted to be a cop. So when she grew up, she joined the police academy. At first she struggles with the physical aspects of the training, but she eventually completes her training with flying colors and becomes the first bunny cop (reminds me of GI Jane). Her first day as a cop was actually comical because Judy Hopps was so tiny in comparison to the other cops (mostly big animals like buffaloes and rhinos).

  2. Zoo + utopia = Zootopia
    Most of the story takes places in a utopian city called Zootopia. It’s a metropolis where a wide variety of animal species live and work together in peace. But in reality, some species can’t tolerate other species — especially predators.

  3. Predators are discriminated against
    One of the problems with the city of Zootopia is that many of the animals don’t like predators. Long ago, predators preyed on other animals. Over time, they have evolved into law abiding citizens. But because of their past predatory nature, the other species don’t trust them. Some of the other species even discriminate against them. Sounds kinda like a race issue, doesn’t it? I’m sure that’s the point.

  4. The story has some wicked twists
    Unlike many animated films, Zootopia does not have a simple plot that is easy to guess. Some aspects, of course, are predictable, but I did not see the end coming. There were some unexpected twists that caught me by surprise. I enjoyed how the movie linked different parts of the story together like a good live-action film.

  5. Zootopia is a hard PG
    The film is rated PG for some thematic elements, rude humor and action. You’ve heard of hard R’s, right? Well, I consider Zootopia a hard PG for very young kids. My six-year old son got scared in a few scenes and buried his face in my chest. I also heard a child cry during the scary parts in the last third if the movie.

  6. Jason Bateman is a hustler
    Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman provide the voices of the main characters. Ginnifer is Judy Hopps, the first and only bunny cop. Jason is Nick Wilde, a fox that hustles for a living. I thought Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde had great chemistry together. I really their characters. Other voice talents include Idris Elba (Chief Bogo), Jenny Slate (Bellwether), Nate Torrence (Clawhauser), Bonnie Hunt (Bonnie Hopps), Don Lake (Stu Hopps), Tommy Chong (Yax), J.K. Simmons (Mayor Lionheart), Octavia Spencer (Mrs. Otterton), Alan Tudyk (Duke Weaselton), Shakira (Gazelle), Raymond S. Persi (Flash), Della Saba (Young Hopps), and Maurice LaMarche (Mr. Big). Zootopia was directed by Byron Howard, Rich Moore, and Jared Bush.

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