OMSI Offers Over 100 Camps and Classes

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OMSI Camps and Classes

Did you know OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) offers classes and camps for kids? I’ve taken my children to OMSI in the past, but I did not know they offer classes and camps too. In face, OMSI have been running outdoor programs for over 60 years. They even have programs for the entire family. How exciting. Do you know what’s even neater? OMSI also offers scholarship and financial assistance programs designed to help make programs accessible to all families. Nice, right?

OMSI’s programs range from kitchen chemistry and animal care classes for the littlest learners, art and research camps at the coast, robotics and rockets in Portland, digs for dinosaur fossils in the high desert, through to wilderness survival and adventure camps that span the Pacific Northwest. Each program is designed to help kids build 21st Century skills crucial to their future success no matter what career path they take. Below are some classes and camps that caught my attention:

3 – 2 – 1 Blast Off!

Do you have what it takes to be an astronaut? Yes! Your countdown to summer begins as you design, build, and launch your own rocket.


Quiet on set! Look at animation from the director’s chair as you design storyboards, create sets and characters, and produce mini-movies.

At the Seashore

Dive in and make some waves as you explore how land and water come together at the seashore.

Awesome Astronomy

Lions and warriors and sea creatures, oh my! The night sky is teeming with legends. Unlock the stories of your favorite constellations — and the science behind them — this summer.

Bio-mimicry: Nature in Design

Did you know Olympian swim suits were modeled after a shark’s skin? Look at nature differently as you build bio-mimicry challenges around a coastal campfire.

Canadian Rockies Backpacking Trip

Are you a seasoned adventurer? Take on the Canadian Rockies’ alpine meadows and blue-green glacial lakes as you look for signs of bear, moose, and other unforgettable creatures.

Cartoon You

If you turned into a cartoon, what would you be like? Now’s your chance to find out.

Coastal Documentary Explorers

Quiet on set! Get ready to work with NW Documentary as you film film on location, interview an expert, write and record narration and edit it all together to make a short film about science and nature in Newport, Oregon.

Cool Communications

Science is calling! Answer by building your own working telegraph, personal website, blog, and more.

Cool Concoctions

Slime! Flubber! Ice cream and cookies! Chemistry takes a fun twist as you mix, measure and pour chemicals into amazing (and sticky) combinations.

Critter Seekers

Is a bald eagle really bald? Where do insects live? Become an amature entomologists and ornithologists as you explore creatures of air, land and pond.

Da Vinci and Da LEGO

Are the world’s next great inventor? Put your skills to the test as you use LEGOs to explore some of Leonardo da Vinci’s most curious ideas and inventions.


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