6 Things About the Steve Jobs Movie

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I recently watched the new Steve Jobs movie. It’s very different than the other Steve Jobs film I’ve seen. For instance, instead of following Jobs’ life over a period of time, the new film tells the story of Jobs by focusing on three major events in his life: the launch of the Macintosh, the launch of the NeXT Cube, and the launch of the iMac. The story was very intense, but I enjoyed the drama. Steve Jobs is available now in digital HD, and will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on February 16th. Continue reading to learn six things about the movie (giveaway).

Six Things About the Steve Jobs Movie

  1. Steve Jobs launches the Mac in 1984
    As I mentioned previously, the movie centered around three major events. The first was the Macintosh launch in 1984. According to the movie, Jobs was dealing with multiple issues the day of the Mac launch. For instance, he insisted on the Mac saying hello during the conference even though the programmer couldn’t get it to work right with less than an hour to go. In addition, Jobs gets in a big argument with the mother of his daughter over financial support. He also gets in an argument with Steve Wozniak, the other founder of Apple. Wozniak wanted Jobs to acknowledge the Apple II team, which accounted for most the company’s revenue. Jobs refused.

  2. Steve Jobs launches the NeXT Cube in 1988
    The second event focused on the NeXT Cube launch in 1988. After the failure of the Mac, Jobs was fired from Apple. He then started NeXT to compete with Apple. Just like the previous event, Jobs has to deal with multiple problems during the event. This around time he gets in big arguments with Steve Wozniak, his daughter’s mother, and Apple’s CEO (John Sculley).

  3. Steve Jobs launches the iMac in 1998
    The final event the film covered was the iMac launch in 1998. As usual, Jobs has to deal with multiple issues during the launch. This time around, he gets in an argument with Andy Hertzfeld. Andy is a long-time Apple employee and he got in trouble for helping pay college tuition for Jobs’ daughter. Then Jobs gets in another argument with Wozniak. Once again, Wozniak is requesting Jobs acknowledge the Apple II team, which has been laid off. Like before, Jobs refused. Later Jobs gets in an argument with his daughter (Lisa) over money and Jobs denying he is Lisa’s father.

  4. Magneto is Steve Jobs
    Michael Fassbender (he’s Magneto in the rebooted X-Men series) is the star of the movie. He plays the part of Steve Jobs. I thought he did a great job portraying the jerk side of Steve Jobs. Other cast members include Kate Winslet (Joanna Hoffman), Seth Rogen (Steve Wozniak), Jeff Daniels (John Sculley), Michael Stuhlbarg (Andy Hertzfeld), Katherine Waterston (Chrisann Brennan), Perla Haney-Jardine (Lisa Brennan , age 19), Ripley Sobo (Lisa Brennan, age 9), Makenzie Moss (Lisa Brennan, age 5), Sarah Snook (Andrea Cunningham), John Ortiz (Joel Pforzheimer), Adam Shapiro (Avie Tevanian), John Steen (Mike Markkula), Stan Roth (George Coates), and Mihran Slougian (Jandali). Steve Jobs was directed by Danny Boyle.

  5. The film is rated R
    Steve Jobs is rated R for language. There isn’t any sex or nudity, but there is a lot of profanity — especially fu*k.

  6. The Blu-ray and DVD includes three bonus features
    The combo pack includes the 123-minute movie in Blu-ray, DVD and digital HD (Ultraviolet) formats. In addition, both the DVD and Blu-ray include the following special features:

    • Inside Jobs: The Making of Steve Jobs
    • Feature Commentary with Director Danny Boyle
    • Feature Commentary with Writer Aaron Sorkin and Editor Elliot Graham

More info: Steve Jobs Blu-ray


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