JCPenney Giveaway Winner

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Hello, dads and moms. I have four days off, so I’m going to merge my three remaining blogs in the next few days. I don’t have time to maintain all three blogs anymore. Anyways, I have a winner announcement this morning. But first, below are upcoming giveaways running on my dad blog.

  • The Visit Blu-ray Giveaway (coming soon)
  • The Green Inferno Blu-ray Giveaway (coming soon)
  • Sinister 2 Blu-ray Giveaway (coming soon)

JCPenney Giveaway
Congrats to Birdiebee. She is the winner of the JCPenney Giveaway. Thanks to JCPenney, Birdiebee won a $75 gift card.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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