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The Good Dinosaur | Pixar Animation Studios

My sons and I watched The Good Dinosaur earlier last night. The movie is a dinosaur adventure story. In the film, dinosaurs were never killed off and remained the dominated species on Earth. The Good Dinosaur is an OK film. But I thought the movie should have been better because it’s a Pixar film. I’ll admit it, I hold Pixar to a higher standard and expected The Good Dinosaur to be as good as their other movies. It’s not. But I’m sure most kids will like it anyway. The Good Dinosaur is in theaters now. Continue reading to learn six things about the animated film.

Six Things About The Good Dinosaur

  1. The Good Dinosaur is a what-if story
    According to scientists, dinosaurs were essentially killed off by asteroids. In The Good Dinosaur, the asteroid missed Earth millions of years ago. As a result, the dinosaurs lived to our time and the humans never evolved.

  2. The main character gets lost and has to find his way home
    In the story, the main character, Arlo, falls into the river and is washed far, far away. When he finally makes it back to land, he is lost and tries to find his way home by following the river upstream. In addition to being alone and having to travel through a harsh and mysterious landscape, Arlo also gets scared easily. In order to make it back home to his family, Arlo has to overcome his fears and discovers what he is truly capable of.

  3. The Good Dinosaur with Spot | Pixar Animation Studios

  4. Dinosaurs evolved into humans
    As I mentioned previously, humans didn’t evolve in The Good Dinosaur. But the dinosaurs did. The main character is an Apatosaurus named Arlo. His family evolved into farmers. During Arlo’s adventure, he makes a human boy who acts life a dog or wolf. He also meets Pterodactyls that are outlaws, T-rexes that are cowboys, and Velociraptors that are cattle rustlers.

  5. The Good Dinosaur is like an old fashion western
    As you can probably guess by the type of characters in the story, the movie is like a western. There are cowboys, rustlers, outlaws and farmers.

  6. The Good Dinosaur - Tyrannosauruses | Pixar Animation Studios

  7. Sam Elliott is the most recognizable voice in the animated film
    Even though he wasn’t one of the main characters, Sam Elliott was the most recognizable voice in the movie. He provided the deep voice of one of the T-rexes (Butch). The Good Dinosaur also featured the voices of Raymond Ochoa (Arlo), Jeffrey Wright (Poppa), Frances McDormand (Momma), Jack Bright (Spot), Maleah Nipay-Padilla (Young Libby), Ryan Teeple (Young Buck), Jack McGraw (Young Arlo), Marcus Scribner (Buck), Peter Sohn (Forrest Woodbush), Steve Zahn (Thunderclap), Mandy Freund (Downpour), Steven Clay Hunter (Coldfront), A.J. Buckley (Nash), and Anna Paquin (Ramsey). The Good Dinosaur was directed by Peter Sohn.

  8. The Good Dinosaur is rated PG
    The animated film is rated PG for peril, action and thematic elements. Unlike other Pixar movies, my youngest son (age six) was scared at times. I didn’t think the film was too scary for most children, but there were several intense moments in the story.


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