7 Ways to Connect Your Car

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Connected Car - Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)

At the recent TNT Portland event, I talked with a couple of people about the connected car. New cars today come with cool tech like rear view camera system or Bluetooth technology. But if you have an older car like most people (including me), you don’t need to purchase a new car to get the latest in-vehicle technology. Owners of older cars can actually have the latest connected-car technologies installed in their current vehicles. According to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), it typically costs less money than a comparable option package on a new vehicle from the same companies auto manufacturers use. Continue reading to learn seven ways to connect your car with the latest technology.

Pioneer Aftermarket Unit

Before I highlight some in-vehicle technologies you can integrate into your car, I want to mention that you should have a certified Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) Mobile Electronics Certified Professional (MECP) install the new car features. MECP certified installers have the experience, training, and proven ability to perform auto electronics installations.

Seven Ways to Connect Your Car

  1. Brandmotion Rear Vision System with Mirror Display
    • Back-up camera system provide rear vision safety
    • Rear vision system offers back-up protection with a crisp image and enhanced brightness for backing up at night
    • MSRP: $699.95
  2. Lane Departure Warning System with Forward Collision Warning and DVR (LDWS100)
    • Combines a camera, GPS receiver and onboard recorder to recognize, warn against and record lane markings and vehicles in front of the car
    • Alerts driver when the vehicle moves out of the lane and turn signal is not on, or when there is danger of rear-ending another driver
    • The system recognizes traffic lane markings as well as vehicles in front of you and warns the driver with an audible tone when the vehicle begins to drift out of its lane or when the driver is too close to the vehicle in front of them
    • Records audio and video from view in front of the vehicle with a GPS receiver to detail the direction of travel, speed, date and time information
    • MSRP: $699
  3. Pioneer NEX Multimedia Receivers With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
    • Enables drivers to connect their compatible smartphones to their vehicles in the smartest and safest way possible
    • Gives users access to what they utilize the most on their smartphone from the car — music, navigation, sending and receiving texts, making and receiving calls — from the radio screen or with their voice
    • Combines smartphone experience with other entertainment like radio, Bluetooth, satellite radio, CD, DVD and more
    • MSRP: $699.99
  4. Verizon Hum
    • Makes it possible for nearly every driver to become a connected car owner through simple and accessible technology
    • Helps predict potential vehicle issues, prevent breakdowns and protect drivers when problems do arise; creating a safer, smarter driving experience and giving peace of mind through pinpoint roadside assistance, an ASE-certified mechanics hotline and near-real time vehicle diagnostics
    • hum modernizes traditional ‘roadside assistance’ by bringing together near real-time information and guidance to help prevent breakdowns, and protect drivers with live help and emergency services
    • MSRP: $14.99 per month subscription
  5. Voxx CarLink
    • Delivers smart connected services to make every drive safer by using a 3G nationwide network plus our unique patented protected encryption software
    • Pursuit CarLink provides advanced emergency response services from SOS to Stolen Vehicle to Roadside services plus many others like diagnostic reports
    • Features over a dozen services including Text Blocking and Remote Start services plus unique Insurance Discount program with 19 insurance companies
    • MSRP: $9.99 per month
  6. Cobra — Drive HD Dash Cam
    • Records everything the drivers sees
    • Infrared LEDs for night vision
    • Accelerometer senses sudden accelerations and collisions and automatically protect footage surrounding the incident
    • Connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth to enable features like GPS location and shared alerts via the iRadar Community
    • MSRP $199.95
  7. AAMP TranzIt Blu HF
    • Audio streaming solution that is installed behind the dash for wire free experience
    • Works with all vehicles with an FM radio
    • Provides music streaming, hands-free calling, and control of the smartphone with just one push of the dash mounted button
    • MSRP: $149.95

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