5 Things About the Inside Out Movie


Inside Out | Disney•Pixar

My two youngest kids and I saw an early screening of Inside Out. The animated film from Disney Pixar is about a group of emotions that guide the behavior of a girl named Riley. I have mixed feeling about this movie. First, my two children (ages six and nine) said they like Inside Out. That’s a good thing. I, on the other hand, didn’t really like the movie. It’s not a bad film. I just think the storyline might be a little too complicated for very young children. In addition, the movie is humorous, but it’s not as funny as I thought it would be. Is “complicated” and “not that funny” a good recipe for a children’s movie? In my opinion, Inside Out is one of those animated films that most parents will enjoy more than their kids. I guess you’ll have to see for yourself and make up your own mind. Inside Out (Disney•Pixar) opens in theaters on Friday. Continue reading to learn five things about the film.

Five Things About the Inside Out Movie

  1. Inside Out is a story about emotions
    The idea behind Inside Out is that inside each of us is a group of emotions that influence our behavior. In the movie, a girl named Riley is guided by five emotions: Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness. Riley and her parents have just moved to San Francisco. On Riley’s first day at school, Sadness accidentally makes Riley cry in front of the class. Then in a struggle between Sadness and Joy, the two of them and some core memories are sucked into Reily’s long term memory area. With just Fear, Anger, and Disgust guiding Reily’s behavior, Joy and Sadness try to desperately get back to Reily’s mind before something bad happens to Riley.

  2. The end credits is funny
    Inside Out is humorous. However, it’s not one of those movies that will make you laugh a lot (like Big Hero 6). But it has its funny moments. In fact, the animated film saves its biggest laughs for the end credits. That’s when we see a bunch of hilarious clips of Riley growing up and the crazy world of her emotions. The end credit sequence reminded me of the one in 22 Jump Street.

  3. There’s a short Pixar feature before the movie
    Before the start of Inside Out is a short Pixar feature called Lava. I loved it. In fact, I liked it better than the main film. Lava is a musical love story about a lonely volcano who sings about finding and falling in love with another volcano. The lonely volcano sings for millions of years without ever finding another volcano. But just as the volcano sinks to the bottom of the sea, another volcano erupts from the ocean.

  4. Amy Poehler is joyful
    Kaitlyn Dias provided the voice for the main character, Riley. However, Amy Poehler was the voice behind Joy — the emotion that makes Riley happy. Joy had significantly more air time than Riley. Other voice talents included Phyllis Smith (Sadness), Richard Kind (Bing Bong), Bill Hader (Fear), Lewis Black (Anger), Mindy Kaling (Disgust), Diane Lane (Mom), Kyle MacLachlan (Dad), Paula Poundstone (Forgetter Paula), Bobby Moynihan (Forgetter Bobby), Paula Pell (Dream Director / Mom’s Anger), Dave Goelz (Subconscious Guard Frank), Frank Oz (Subconscious Guard Dave), and Josh Cooley (Jangles). Inside Out was directed by Pete Docter and Ronaldo Del Carmen.

  5. Inside Out is rated PG
    The 94-minute animated movie is rated PG for mild thematic elements and some action. Personally, I think Inside Out is closer to a G than a PG rating. I didn’t think there was anything in the film that might be to scary or inappropriate for young children.