5 Things Abut The Legend of Longwood DVD

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The Legend of Longwood - Shout! Factory

I watched The Legend of Longwood over the weekend. Shout! Factory sent me the DVD for review on my dad blog. The Legend of Longwood is the story of an American girl who moves to Ireland. After she moves there, she sees a mysterious man in black on a horse. She snoops around and discovers a thing or two about the Black Knight. The story is a bit predictable, but I think tweens will still find the film interesting. The Legend of Longwood will be available on DVD on June 2nd. Continue reading to learn five things about the movie.

Five Things About The Legend of Longwood DVD

  1. It’s the story of an American in Ireland
    The Legend of Longwood is the story of a girl named Mickey. She and her family inherited a home in Ireland. So the family leaves New York to start a new life in Ireland. Mickey’s mother gets a job as a gardener for a wealthy man, Marc Dumonceau. He’s engaged to a woman, Hernanda, who is manipulative. Hernanda is secretly trying to sell Marc’s land for her own financial gain.

  2. The Legend of Longwood involves a knight
    After Mickey moves to her new home in Longwood, she soon learns about the legend surrounding the area. A long time ago, there was a Black Knight that ruled the area. The people there feared the Black Knight. So one day the people kidnapped the baby daughter of the Black Knight and told him to stop his evil ways. But then something goes wrong and the baby dies. Ever since, the Black Knight has haunted the town. Whenever he reappears, something bad happens.

  3. The cast members are Europeans
    I didn’t recognize any of the actors in the movie. I think most of them are from Europe. The Legend of Longwood featured Lucy Morton (Mickey), Lorcan Bonner (Sean), Kathy Rose O’Brien (Hernanda), Anabel Sweeney (Chardonnay), Thekla Reuten (Lisa Merill), Brendan Conroy (Ben Saunders), Lorcan Cranitch (Lance Wicklow), Stephen Cromwell (Norbert Tilly), Fiona Glascott (Caitlin Lemon), Scott Graham (Colin), Ben Harte (school boy), Art Kearns (Rodney), Sean Mahon (Marc Dumonceau), Miriam Margolyes (Lady Thyrza), and Lesa Thurman (Bella). The Legend of Longwood was directed by Lisa Mulcahy.

  4. The movie is not rated
    The Legend of Longwood is unrated. If the 99-minute movie did have a rating, it would probably be PG for mild tension.

  5. There is a bonus feature
    The DVD includes a bonus feature: Behind-the-Scenes Featurette. It’s a little over 13 minutes in length and features commentary by cast members and the director of the movie.

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