You Have the Power to Donate Life


National Donate Life Month

Did you know there are more than 123,000 patients who are waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant? Probably not, right? I know I didn’t. Did you also know this month is National Donate Life Month? I didn’t know that either. It’s a great cause that was developed in partnership with Donate Life America and Genentech. According to the press material, Donate Life has found that 90% of Americans say that they support organ donation. However, only 30% are aware of the correct steps needed to be taken in order to become a donor.

Genentech developed the “Play Through with Erik Compton to Donate Life” campaign to increase awareness of organ donation. In the “Play Through with Erik Compton to Donate Life” PSA, Erik Compton, a PGA TOUR golfer and two-time heart transplant recipient, raises awareness for organ donation and encourages Americans to become organ donors. He inspires viewers by reminding them, “You too can donate life.”

In the PSA, Erik joins news anchor and kidney donor, Phillip Palmer, and a group of organ transplant recipients, including professional soccer player Samuel Gordon, and athletes Eric Drear, Cristian Sanchez, Nick Wallace, and Jennifer Golden. Each individual shares their personal experience with organ donations and explains that they are alive and healthy today because people chose to be organ donors.

If you are interested in becoming an organ donor, visit the Donate Life America website for more information about donation, how to register in your state’s donor registry and how to inform your families about your decision. Discussing organ donation with family members helps ensure your organ donation wishes are honored.


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