Nutmeg Discretionary Investment Management Company

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Nutmeg discretionary investment management company

Have you guys heard of Nutmeg? Until recently, neither have I. According to their website, Nutmeg is an online money management company. Nutmeg was started three years ago as an online discretionary investment management company. In other words, for a fee, they will manage your investments for you. Depending on how much you invest, their annual fee ranges from 0.3% to 1.0%. There is no setup or hidden fees. In addition, you can create a new account in only ten minutes. Continue reading for more info about Nutmeg or click here to go directly to their website.

Nutmeg performance chart

As you can see in the above chart, Nutmeg has outperformed their competitors in the last three years. The chart above is for their level six fund. You can see the performance for their other nine funds here.

I don’t have a Nutmeg account, but I do have an Ameritrade account. Ameritrade lets me choose what stocks to buy and sell. However, I don’t have a financial background and it’s a hassle for me to figure out what stocks to purchase, and when to buy and sell them. This is where Nutmeg comes in. For a relatively small annual fee, they build the optimal portfolio for you based on your risk level. In addition, the company monitors and rebalances your portfolio regularly for free, and they don’t charge you for trades.

Another thing I should mention is that Nutmeg is a discretionary investment manager. This means they take responsibility for the investment decision making and transactions. They do not give advice on what stocks to trade. Instead, they buy and sell your investments on your behalf based on your objectives and risk tolerance level.

Nutmeg funds

Nutmeg Highlights

  • Professional discretionary investment management — not just a single fund
  • Free regular rebalancing to keep your funds on track
  • No setup or exit fees
  • No trading, broker, custodian or commission charges
  • Free withdrawals on their weekly schedule
  • Live chat, phone, and email support
  • 24/7 access to an award-winning online account
  • Your assets kept safe with one of the world’s largest custodians

Want to know more about Nutmeg? Check out the videos below:

Note: as with any investment, the value of your portfolio can go up or down.

[Disclosure: I will be compensated for this sponsored post. As always, the opinions expressed are mine and I am not obligated to write a positive review.]


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