4 Things About the Home Movie – a Lilo and Stitch wannabe


Home (DreamWorks Animation)

My two youngest children and I saw an early screening of Home recently. The animated film from DreamWorks Animation is about an alien named Oh. He and his people invaded Earth and then relocated all the humans to a rural area of the planet. The story isn’t great, but the movie is humorous and there’s plenty of action. My kids and I enjoyed the film. The movie will appeal to both kids and adults, but I think children will enjoy the animated film more. Home opens in theaters this weekend, March 27th. Continue reading to learn four things about the movie.

Four Things About the Home Movie

  1. The story of Oh
    The main character is Oh. He’s a Boov, which is an alien race that runs away from danger. They are being hunted by another alien race, so they run away to Earth. They invade the planet and relocate the humans to Human Happy Town. But then Boov accidentally sends a party invite to their enemy. Meanwhile, a girl named Tip is trying to find her mother. Oh, while running away from his mistake, meets up with Tip. Oh agrees to help Tip find her mother if she lets him go with her. In a way, the story of Oh and Tip is like the story of Lilo and Stitch.

  2. The ships look like they are from Star Wars
    The kids didn’t catch this, but I noticed the Boov’s mothership looked like the Death Star, and the enemy’s main ship looked like an Imperial Star Destroyer.

  3. Features the voices of Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez
    I didn’t recognize their voices during the movie, but Home features the voices of Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez. Rihanna was the voice of Gratuity ‘Tip’ Tucci. J-Lo provided the voice for Lucy. The animated film also featured the voices of Jim Parsons (Oh), Steve Martin (Captain Smek), Matt Jones (Kyle), Brian Stepanek (Brian / Borg), Nigel W. Tierney (child), and April Winchell (Toni). The movie was directed by Tim Johnson.

  4. Home is rated pg
    The animated movie is rated PG for mild action and some rude humor. As you would expect, there really wasn’t anything inappropriate in the 94-minute film for children. However, some of the action scenes might be mildly intense for very young children.