Russell Madness Family Movie Night

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Russell Madness Family Movie Night

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment recently sent us a kit so we could host a movie night with the kids. One of our children had a school function, so it was just me and my three other kids. We watched Russell Madness Blu-ray and had a fun time. My youngest son and I actually saw Russell Madness a week prior, but we didn’t mind seeing it again. Russell Madness is available now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD.

We started off movie night with dinner, which consisted of rice, chips and an orange. My wife made the rice dish with Minute Rice. She cooked the rice as instructed on the box, and then stir fried the cooked rice with broccoli, Chinese sausage, and BBQ pork. It was delicious. My wife also made some Minute Rice Ready to Serve Brown & Wild Rice, which is incredibly convenient because it is microwaveable (only 60 seconds to cook). BTW, Minute Rice is available in several gluten-free varieties, including White Rice, 100% Whole Grain Brown Rice and 100% Multi-Grain Medley. You can also find some great rice recipes (like Easy Sweet and Sour Chicken, Family Movie Night with Beef and Rice Soft Tacos, and Super Easy Tuna Casserole) on the Minute Rice web site.

Russell Madness Family Movie Night - ice cream

For dessert, my two youngest kids had ice cream. I picked up some Cold Stone’s Mix and Go after work and served their delicious ice cream with a Joy Cone, which includes an individual sleeve for each cone. And because my kids are kids, they had to add some sprinkles to their ice cream cone. BTW, when I was at Cold Stone, I tried their Hunk’s Banana Split Decision. It was amazing!

As I mentioned previously, my youngest son has already seen Russell Madness. So I kept him busy with activity sheets. Otherwise, he would’ve drove his sister crazy. I’m fairly certain my youngest kids’ favorite activity is shouting at each other. Feel free to click on the graphics below to download the activity sheets. We have not tried it yet, but the cape idea looks interesting.

Russell Madness make a cape

Russell Madness name generator

Russell Madness activities

Russell Madness scrapbook


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