My Weird Kids on National Reading Day – save 10% Pinhole photo products

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Book of Life Reading

Friday was National Reading Day. My kids love books. Some of their favorites are Magic Tree House; Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!; The Sword of Summer; Winter Turning; The World According to Humphrey; and The Year of the Book. To help celebrate reading day and to kick off the release of Book of Life (January 27), Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment sent me a kit to help my kids tell the story of our family. I told my kids to use the kit to illustrate a story about our family. What I got was something totally unexpected. I also learned something about my kids — they are weird. Really weird. Continue reading for the big reveal.

Our Book of Life kit consisted of Book of Life art supplies, activity sheets, and a gift certificate for a Pinhole Press Mini Storybook of Names & Faces. In case you’re wondering, Pinhole is a website that helps you create high quality, personalized photo gifts. BTW, readers of my dad blog can get 10% off all Pinhole Press products. Just use the following promo code by Valentine’s Day (February 14th in case you forgot): BookOfLifeReading

Check out the family stories my kids created below. As you can see, my kids are really weird.

In story one (from my oldest daughter), a girl named Taylor wants to know what happened to her pig (also named Taylor). Apparently, Taylor the pig was eaten by a T-Rex. But thanks to me (dad – aka Superman), I rescued Taylor from the T-Rex. BTW, in real life, my youngest son’s name is Taylor. A little weird, right?

the pig is missing

daddy saves the pig

In story two (from my youngest son), a pig is stabbed and it’s up to our family to save the world. And apparently, our family consists of Flash (my youngest son), Superman (me), Hawkgirl (mom), Green Lantern (oldest son), Cyborg (youngest daughter), and Wonderwoman (oldest daughter). BTW, you can’t see Wonderwoman in the picture because “she’s in outer space.” And what’s the deal with the pig in danger again?

our Justice League family

Story three was created by my oldest son. In his story, goblins and other creatures are attacking our family castle. I didn’t even know we owned a castle. My wife must’ve bought it when I was at work. Anyway, in the story my oldest son has ice power and I have super strength. My oldest daughter has some sort of hair power, my youngest daughter has robot hands, and my wife has lightning power. My youngest son doesn’t have any powers, but he does have a knife and a rocket launcher. Have I mentioned my youngest son is only five years old? Oh, I almost forgot to mention my wife is fighting a mutant raisin in this story. Yep, definitely weird.

mutant raisin attacks mommy

In the final story (by my youngest daughter), our family has been turned into creepy beasts with powers. My youngest son has the power to vomit (not sure what that means), my oldest boy has ice power, my oldest girl has fire power and my youngest daughter has some sort of sound power. My wife and I don’t have any powers, but I do have a giant machine gun and my wife has candle wax. Yeah, you read that right. Candle wax. In this story, we defeat an evil king but not all of us survive. Very morbid.

creepy beasts

family battles king

some survive, some don't


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