5 Things About Peter Pan Live!

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Peter Pan Live! DVD

My youngest daughter and I saw Peter Pan Live! recently. Universal Pictures Home Entertainment sent me the DVD for review on my dad blog. The show is a musical version of the classic Peter Pan story most of us grew up with. The musical is full of wonderful songs (my favorite was I Won’t Grow Up), but the production is also long (2 hours and 15 minutes). It was nice to hear all the songs in the show. On the other hand, there were times when the musical dragged. But overall, my daughter and I enjoyed the show. Peter Pan Live! is available now on DVD. Continue reading to learn five things about the production.

Five Things About Peter Pan Live!

  1. It’s the classic story about the boy who never grew up
    As you can guess by the title of the show, Peter Pan Live! is about Peter Pan, the boy who didn’t want to grow up. This version of the story is based on a Broadway musical. I have not seen the Broadway musical, but the NBC production appears to closely follow the classic Peter Pan story I remembered reading when I was a kid. Here’s a really quick summary if you don’t know the story. Peter Pan flies into the home of Wendy and her two little brothers. The three children then fly to Neverland with Peter. While on the island, Wendy becomes the mother of the Lost Boys. Meanwhile, Captain Hook is out to get revenge on Peter Pan, but Peter manages to defeat Hook once again.

  2. Peter Pan is a girl
    In the NBC production of the show, a woman was casted for the part of Peter Pan. Peter is still a boy in this musical and I don’t think it was a bad decision. I thought it was refreshing. However, I also found it distracting. Even though the actress who played Peter was dressed like a boy, it was obvious to me that she wasn’t a boy. Peter was essentially a tomboy with a high voice.

  3. The show was broadcast live
    Peter Pan Live! was filmed and broadcast live from New York. Because it was broadcast live, you could see the cable that enabled the characters to fly. Normally, the cables would be edited out, but not in this case. Seeing the cables made me feel like I was watching a play instead of a DVD. It’s not a bad thing, just different. BTW, the crocodile was obviously fake, but some of the swords must’ve been real because the sword fights were very slow and methodical.

  4. The DVD includes a bonus feature
    The DVD includes a special featured titled: The Making of Peter Pan Live! I thought the 40+ minute feature was very interesting. It’s essentially a backstage look at the creation of an all-new production of the classic Broadway musical from rehearsals through performance. The special feature also explained how they added Tinker Bell into the scenes. In the show, Tinker Bell was a tiny fairy that glowed and flew all over the place. You never actually saw her face. In fact, you couldn’t see much details at all.

  5. Peter Pan is the daughter of a news anchor
    Allison Williams (daughter of NBC news anchor Brian Williams) and Taylor Louderman were outstanding in their musical numbers. Allison played the part of Peter Pan, while Taylor Louderman played the part of Wendy. While Allison and Taylor were the stars of the live show, Christopher Walken was the biggest name on the cast. He played the part of Captain Hook. Walken was decent in his singing numbers. However, I thought he was a bit stiff when he had to dance. Other cast members included Christian Borle (Mr. Smee / George Darling), Kelli O’Hara (Mrs. Darling), Minnie Driver (Adult Wendy Darling / Narrator), Jake Lucas (John Darling), John Allyn (Michael Darling), Alanna Saunders (Tiger Lily), Caitlin Houlahan (Jane Darling), Jason Gotay (Tootles), Alan H. Green (Cookson), David Guzman (twin), Jacob Guzman (twin), F. Michael Haynie (Slightly). Peter Pan Live! was directed by Rob Ashford and Glenn Weiss.

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