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Angels Sing DVD

I received the Angels Sing DVD for review on my dad blog. The movie is about a man who can’t get into Christmas. In fact, he dislikes Christmas and thinks the holiday is over commercialized. Angels Sing isn’t the greatest holiday film ever, but it is a movie the whole family can watch and enjoy during the holidays. It stars Harry Connick Jr. and Connie Britton. Angels Sing (Cowgirl Up) is available now on DVD and Blu-ray. Continue reading to learn five things about Angels Sing.

Five Things About the Angel Sing DVD

  1. He’s not Scrooge, but he doesn’t like Christmas either
    The main character is Michael Walker. Michael doesn’t like Christmas. He’s one of the people who gets depressed during the holidays. After Michael and his family move into a new house, neighbor after neighbor welcomes the family to the neighborhood. They also bring Christmas decorations because it’s a tradition to deck out the house in their neighborhood. But because Michael can’t get into the Christmas spirit, he tosses all the lights into the attic.

  2. The story is very predictable
    The movie is predictable. So it wasn’t a surprise when we learn why Michael hates Christmas. It also wasn’t a surprise when something causes Michael to change his tune and get into the spirit of Christmas. By the end of the movie, Michael was a changed man. Shocker. In a little way, Angels Sing is a little bit like A Wonderful Life. But just a little.

  3. Angels Sing features a musical cast
    Angels Sing stars Harry Connick Jr. (Michael Walker) and Connie Britton (Susan Walker). The film also features Fionnula Flanagan (Ma), Lyle Lovett (Griffin), Willie Nelson (Nick), Kris Kristofferson (The Colonel), Dana Wheeler-Nicholson (Maggie), Eloise DeJoria (Laura), Dylan Summerall (Young Uncle David), Brennan Barker (Young Michael), Deborah Cole (Theresa), Sara Hickman (Aunt Claire), Turk Pipkin (Uncle Theo), and Lidia Porto (Rosalba). The movie was directed by Tim McCanlies.

  4. It’s not a musical, but there is singing
    As you can see in the cast list, there were a lot of singers in Angels Sing. Naturally and fortunately, there were singing throughout the movie. The songs were actually one of the things I liked about the film. Don’t you hate it when there are singers in a movie and none of them sing?

  5. Angels Sing is a safe family movie
    Angels Sing is rated PG for mild thematic elements and brief language. In other words, the 87-minute film is safe for the entire family.

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